Mail and packages to On-Campus students ONLY should be addressed "exactly" as follows in order for us to receive them properly for them:

Washington College
STUDENT FIRST and LAST NAME  (must be name on file at college, no nicknames please)
300 Washington Avenue
Chestertown, MD 21620-1197

*mail and packages for students are sorted in house by the WC Central Services staff once they arrive on campus from the shippers.  Students will receive an email from:

[email protected] 

when their mail or package is ready for pickup!  Please do not come to Central Services to pick up your mail or package until you have received an email from us!

Central Services is a service location for most services via USPS, UPS and FedEx Ground and Express.  You may bring your outgoing letters to Central Services to be picked up M-F by the US Postal Service.  Please be sure your name is in the return address on any mail you bring over.  We do sell postage and stamps and can also accept outgoing international mail.  Please remember we only accept cash for any transaction under $5.00.  We can also take outgoing USPS, UPS and FedEx packages with pre-paid labels for pickup by those shippers.  Central Services can also sell you shipping on outgoing packages via USPS, UPS and FedEx.

Students residing in off-campus housing must use their off-campus housing address or a PO Box from the local post office to receive their mail and packages.  Off-campus residing students are "not" permitted to receive mail and packages at Central Services.


(Faculty & Staff)
MAIL AND PACKAGES (Departmental):

Mail and packages to WC Faculty & Staff should be addressed "exactly" as follows:

Washington College
FIRST and LAST NAME  (must be name on file at college, no nicknames please)
300 Washington Avenue
Department Name
Chestertown, MD 21620-1197

*packages are sorted in house by the WC Central Services staff by your name or the department name in the SHIP TO address once they are deliveried by the shippers.  Faculty & Staff will receive an email from:

[email protected] 

when a package is ready for pickup! 

Please do not come to Central Services to pick up your package until you have received an email from us! 

Faculty packages are typically picked up by the Faculty Administrative Assistants.  Please check with them before coming to retrieve your package(s).

Faculty and Staff mail is sorted by Department and placed in the departmental bins at Central Services.  Typically one person from the department comes to pick this mail up.  

Campus Mail Info:

***Please consult with the Central Services staff prior to purchasing large quantities of envelopes or mailers that will be brought to us for postage processing.  Some envelopes/mailers will not be able to be used in our postage machine and should not be used.  All items that are to be brought over for postage processing must meet our requirements to able to be run through the machine properly in order for us to handle them for you.  Please be sure to contact us before making these purchases and bringing over mailings.
Incoming USPS mail  typically can arrive on campus to be checked in anytime Monday through Friday from 10:30 am to the end of the day.  There are no scheduled times for deliveries to the campus from the shippers.  Due to recent events there can be delays in us receiving the mail from USPS in that time frame.  Your USPS mail may be delayed a day or so due circumstances beyond our control!  
There is ONLY ONE delivery and pick up of USPS mail per week day at Washington College, typically in the morning.  Any outgoing mail or outgoing USPS package that arrives at WC Central Services after USPS has been here, will go out the next business day!  If you have something that must go out via USPS after this pickup occurs you will be responsible for its delivery directly to the Chestertown Post Office.  

Departmental (Faculty & Staff) Incoming Mail pickup

All campus departments are responsible for coming to Central Services as often as possible to pickup their mail and to drop off any outgoing mail.  There is a Departmental Mail and Package Center located in the Casey Academic Center, under the stairs on the right hand side, just beyond the elevator.   Any outgoing mail received after 2:30 pm will be processed and sent out on the next business day.  All outgoing departmental mail must be placed in your department's outgoing mail slot or in the outgoing mail box on the outgoing departmental table but you MUST put your department name on all outgoing mail for proper accounting.   International mail must be separated and marked when bringing over with other mail to be processed.


Inter-Campus Mail:

Inter-Campus mail can be mailed as single sheets or stapled packets - or confidential documents in envelopes - to campus departments, groups or individuals. See the WC Central Services Guide to Services for more information.
Central Services processes college postage on an official USPS postage metering machine.  We do not use individual postage stamps for this process.  Departments that wish to have postage stamps on their mailing must acquire them from the local US Post Office and adhere the stamps to the envelopes before bringing them to Central Services to be picked up by USPS.  Central Services does not stock large quantities of US postage stamps.
Outgoing Departmental Mail going off campus
All WC outgoing mail, MUST have the department name included somewhere in the return address.  This is necessary for proper postage accounting.  If you are bringing over a mailing with multiple pieces you may write the department name on top and bind them together to deliver to Central Services for postage processing.
Any department bringing over multiple pieces of mail to be metered for postage MUST do the following to have the items in "metering machine ready condition":
1.  Separate out any International addressed items and bind them together on top
2.  Separate out any items address to the college address of 300 Washington Avenue and bind together so they can be sorted in house to the appropriate recipient.
3.  Make sure all envelopes are facing with the flap at the top and facing the back.  Our metering machine can process and seal flap up or down, but all must be in the same direction please.
Departmental Mail going to WC Students
If you are bringing over mail to be distributed to WC students, please adhere to the following guidelines:
Mail for WC students residing off-campus must be addressed to the individual students at their off-campus mailing address to be mailed to them.  Those addresses can be provided to you by Student Affairs.  The department sending should put the department name in the return address to account for postage, and in case there is a return and bring those to Central Services to be metered and mailed out.  Off-campus students are not permitted to receive mail via Central Services.
Mail for WC students residing on-campus should have the first name, middle initial and last name of the student on them to be distributed in house by Central Services.  The department sending should put the department name in the return address in case there is a return.  Central Services will check the mail in to the on-campus student and the student will be notified via tracking email that they have mail to pick up.
Central Services does "not" accept or process mass or general mailings for WC Students or a group of WC Students.  The policy is Central Services regarding student mail is in place to properly account for and track any and all mail being accepted or mailed to our students.  All WC student mail must be delivered to Central Services in "mail ready" condition as outlined above.  No exceptions.

Outgoing International Mail:
Central Services can help you send International Mail. We handle mail coming from and going to countries all around the globe and our friendly staff can help you find the best rate, properly address your letters and packages and fill out the proper customs forms.
You can also use the USPS international postage calculator to get an approximation of the postage required to mail your item.
If you are shipping a package with UPS or FedEx, you may also use the UPS shipping calculator or  shipping calculator.
Be sure to also review the Shipping a Package page.
All International USPS, FedEx Ground, FedEx Express or UPS outgoing packages MUST have a WC Central Services Outgoing Package Form attached to them filled out in full.  We can not ship them without this form.  This form can be found on our Shipping page.

Addressing International Outgoing Mail

 International mail requires the same information as domestic mail when addressing a letter or package:        
Line 1:     Name of Addressee
Line 2:     Street of Post Office Box Number
Line 3:     City/Town, Principal or Sub Division
Line 4:      Full Country Name printed in all   Capital   Letters and Country Zip Code (this MUST be provided)
****International mail must always be separated and marked as International from US mail when bringing over items in large mailings.
****ALL outgoing mail from the college MUST have the name of the department or person sending in the return address area.  This allows Central Services to properly account for postage as well as properly handle any returned mail.
Customs Forms
Some international mail may require customs forms. For more information about customs forms, please read the Mail & Print Guide,  or contact Katie Brilz at 410-810-7112. We will also be happy to assist you with customs forms in person.

Large departmental outgoing mailings (Multiple envelopes) 

Large mailings of multiple envelopes should be boxed and brought down to the Central Services general/student services window and handed to the Central Services staff for postage metering.  Please be sure your international outbound letters are separated from your domestic outbound letters.  We can seal envelopes however the flaps MUST always be brought over in the DOWN position in order for us to do this.

We can only seal certain types of envelope flaps in our metering machine.  Envelopes with a regular back will seal through our equipment:

Regular Back Seal EnvelopeWe can NOT seal the following type of envelope backs and those types MUST be sealed by the department before bringing over to Central Services for postage metering:

Deep V point envelope

Square Back flap envelope 2

Square Back Flap Envelope

(Deep V backed envelope, Square back flap envelopes 1 &2)


Standard Large FLAT envelopes can be run through our postage metering machine only if they are flexible (only contain papers) and are the standard size of 9" x 12".  Any large flat envelope beyond this size or non-flexible must be treated as a package and shipped out using our Outgoing Package Form filled out and attached to it.

Distribution of items for students other than mail
Central Services is not responsible for distributing items other than mail and incoming packages to students.  Items such as giveaways, gifts etc. must be distributed to those student's by the department doing the giveaway or gifting at the departments chosen location.

Campus Packages

(Students, Faculty and Staff)
Incoming USPS, UPS, FedEx and other shipper packages ( typically can arrive on campus to be checked in anytime Monday through Friday from 10:30 am to the end of the day.  There are no scheduled times for deliveries to the campus from the shippers.  Due to recent events there can be delays in us receiving the packages from these shippers in that time frame.  Your packages may be delayed a day or so due circumstances beyond our control!  
You may receive notice from your tracking that your package has been received, however that does "NOT" mean the package is here, checked in and ready for you to pick it up.  You should always wait for an email from:  [email protected] before coming to WC Central Services to retrieve your package.  
Packages should be retrieved from Central Services in a timely manner.  Packages received and checked in longer than 14 days are subject to return to sender or recycle or donate.  Central Services will make every effort to email you before this occurs.

FedEx Overnight/Express Mailing/Packages:
Central Services can process FedEx overnight/express outgoing mailings and packages, however it is vital that if the item must arrive the following day, that items is brought to us to take care of NO LATER THAN 10:00 am the day before!
If you miss this deadline, we can still process the item for you, but you will be responsible for taking it to the FedEx Express box in downtown Chestertown by 4:20 pm in order for it to go out for this next day service.

Graduating students:

should always remember to change their address with the US Postal Service and on all vendor accounts in your "ship to address"  for packages when you leave the college after commencement.  Packages that arrive for graduates after commencement are NOT held or forwarded.   After that date and then are returned to sender or recycled/donated.  We do NOT forward your package.  Please email us for any questions regarding this matter.

SUMMER - Student Mail and Packages:

Any student that is residing on-campus for the summer months will continue to have service for mail and packages through WC Central Services, just as you did through the academic year however, the hours of Central Services may change during the summer months.  Once those hours change and email will be sent to the campus and hours will be posted on our webpage as well as on the student services window doors.  Students who wish to receive their mail and packages via Central Services during the summer months, "must" be registered to live on campus with the WC Residential Life office.
Since we do not “hold” mail or packages or “forward” mail or packages for those students moving to any off campus location for the summer months it is IMPORTANT that you change your address for any vendors, businesses and organizations that you get mail or packages from especially for places where you get auto deliveries.  Any mail or packages received for students who are not residing on-campus during the summer months will be returned to sender.
We also suggest that you fill out a change of address online with USPS for the summer months if you are returning home or moving to a location off campus:
Please be sure you take care of this IMPORTANT task prior to your exit from the campus for the end of this academic year.

If you would like to know more about mailing, please email us at:  [email protected]