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Shipping a Package

Central Services is able to process packages shipped by USPS, UPS and FedEx allowing you to both send and receive via these couriers.  We can accept outgoing packages for these shippers that have a pre-paid shipping label but can also process shipping on outgoing packages and charge to department account numbers.  For students we can accept packages with pre-paid shipping labels but can also process packages for outgoing shipping and you can pay the cost of shipping with your credit/debit card (if $5 or over) or with cash.  We do not accept WC ID cards as payment.
We can do "most" international outgoing shipments.
For outgoing packages the sender is responsible for having the package ready to ship.  Central Services does not provide packaging (boxes, etc.) and tape.  You must provide your own packaging (boxes, etc.) and tape for outgoing packages you intend to ship.  We do have some shipping supplies such as bubble mailers for sending items for sale at the front counter.  
We cannot accept outgoing UPS packages for which you have a scan code.  Those items must be taken to the UPS store across the street from the college at 503 Washington Avenue.
If you have a prepaid label on your outgoing package with one of these carriers, just drop it off at Central Services during business hours and we will get it to the carrier.   USPS, FedEx Ground and USPS all pickup from this location Monday through Friday.
All outgoing packages without a pre-paid label "must" be accompanied by the following outgoing package form:

WC Outgoing Package Form

All packages shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground must be dropped off in person no later than the designated times below. 
Packages you wish to send out via USPS must be received in Central Services no later than 9:00 a.m. daily to go out in that days shipments.  Items received after this deadline will go out with the next business days shipments.
Packages you wish to send out via UPS and FedEx Ground must be received in Central Services no later that 9:00 am daily to go out in that days shipments.  Items received after this deadline will go out with the next business days shipments.
Items you wish to go out via FedEX Express for next day delivery must be dropped off to Central Services no later than 10:00 am Monday through Friday in order to meet the FedEX Express deadline for next day services.
***We are unable to ship anything with a battery (ex:  laptop, ipad, etc.) to an International location.  This is prohibited by customs.


Central Services can provide the following services that are offered via the United States Postal Service:
  • Media Mail
    Media Mail is an economical way to send books, film, manuscripts, and digitally readable material such as DVDs and CDs, so long as they are not commercial mailings. Please ask about Media Mail when shipping these items so that we can provide this cost-saving service.
  • Certified Mail
    This provides you with a mailing receipt. A record of delivery is maintained at the recipient’s post office for two years.  A return receipt to provide you proof of delivery can be obtained for an additional fee. Certified mail service is available only for use with First Class Mail. No insurance coverage is provided. A numbered label and completed “Return Receipt” must be filed and affixed to each letter. Labels and Return Receipts can be obtained from Central Services.
  • International Mail
    Except for certain restrictions, most items can be mailed/shipped  to foreign countries. Please contact Central Services to determine specific classification and required documentation. If customs regulations are not followed and documentation is not proper, items may be impounded by foreign customs or returned and additional costs incurred to re-mail or ship. Domestic and foreign customs regulations do not offer special concessions to any specific courier. Thus, irrespective of the carrier used, you must comply with the local customs regulations.
    For letter-sized items, use the special Tyvek® Red/Blue-bordered envelopes. This will enhance service and expedite their separation from Domestic mail during sorting by mail houses. The last line of any foreign address should be the country name spelled out in capital letters in English.
  • Priority Mail
    Priority Mail service should be used for First Class mail requiring expedited delivery within three days. All First Class mail exceeding 11 ounces but not exceeding 70 pounds is automatically considered “Priority Mail.” However, there is no minimum weight limitation and at the option of the mailer, any mail weighing less than 11 ounces can also be processed as Priority Mail. Priority Mail is normally delivered within two to three business days, but this is not a guaranteed service. 
  • First-Class Mail
    The following are considered First Class matter and must carry postage at First Class or priority mail rates.
    • Matter wholly or partially handwritten or type-written (including identical copies prepared by automatic typewriter), originals or carbons, invoices (except when accompanying the matter to which they relate), postal cards, post cards
    • Matter sealed against postal inspection
    • Bills and statements of account
    • Forms with written figures charging items or prices
    • Blank printed forms filled out in writing, including canceled or un-canceled checks
    A computer printout may or may not be determined for First Class mail depending upon its content. Please contact Central Services for additional information.
  • Express Mail
    This is an extremely reliable and fast delivery service from the USPS. This service is available for all major zones in the U.S. and 84 foreign countries. Express Mail provides for shipment of letters, documents, and other mailable items, and carries document reconstruction insurance at no additional cost. You may mail up to 70 pounds. This service offers next-day domestic delivery six days a week at no extra charge in most areas some may be 2 days.
    Express mail offers a variety of other service options to meet your mailing needs. The options are:
    • Delivery to Post Office Box
    • Express Mail International Service
    Mail requiring this service must be delivered to Central Services by 3:00 pm to make the next day’s outgoing mail pickup. A proper request note must accompany each piece.
    Domestic Overnight Delivery is guaranteed by the U.S. Postal Service and provides for a full refund of postage amount if the mail is not delivered as scheduled. International delivery times may vary by country of destination. Due to lack of Postal Services’ control over international situations and foreign delivery systems, no guaranty or refund of fees is offered.


We presently offer Ground, Second-Day Air, and Next Day letter and package service through UPS. Transactions are on cash and credit card basis only or they may be charged to department accounts. A Outgoing Package Form must be filled out by the sender and given to Central Services personnel at time of sending. The cutoff time for accepting mail for UPS to go out that day is 2:00 pm. This service is ideal for parcel sending and provides up to $100.00 insurance at no extra charge. This service provides the sender with a tracking number for convenient tracking of delivery time.
Packages with a PO Box address can "not" be sent via UPS, but must go via USPS

FedEx Express

Federal Express offers overnight and two day letter package service. The cutoff time for accepting Fedex Express packages to go out same day is 10:00 am. Anything received after that time will go out the next business day. If we process a FedEx package after the pick-up time, it is the responsibility of the department of mailing to take the package to FedEx box downtown if they require the package to go out that day by 4:30 pm. This service is best suited for overnight letter services. This service provides the sender with a tracking number for easy tracking of delivery date and time.
Packages with a PO Box address can "not" be sent via FedEx, but must go via USPS

We can "not" charge outgoing shipping to another UPS or USPS shipper account (third party/receiver billing).  We can only do this for FedEx.


If you would like to know more about shipping packages or courier services, please contact Central Services at:  [email protected]