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Commencement Honor Cords

Academic Honor Regalia

The following list contains regalia for honor societies listed in the Commencement Program.


Alpha Kappa Delta
Sociology Honor Society
Alpha Kappa Delta is an international honor society dedicated to the investigation of humanity for the purpose of service and the acknowledgement and promotion of excellence in the study of sociology. double teal cord

Alpha Mu Alpha
Marketing (Business) Honor Society

Alpha Mu Alpha is a national marketing honorary, recognizing qualified undergraduate students for their outstanding scholastic achievement in the area of marketing. single navy cord and pin
Beta Beta Beta
Biology Honor Society
Beta Beta Beta, Rho Iota Chapter, is a national honor society for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending the boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. green and red double cord
Delta Phi Alpha
German Honor Society
Delta Phi Alpha, the National German Honor Society, seeks to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship. The Society aims to promote the study of the German Language, literature and civilization and endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and culture which are of universal value and which contribute to man’s eternal search for peace and truth. black red and gold
National Honor Society of Dance Arts   light blue and white double cord with medallion
Gamma Sigma Epsilon
Chemistry Honor Society
Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Gamma Eta Chapter is the national honor society in chemistry at Washington College recognizing outstanding students demonstrating exceptional ability and interest in the field of chemistry. royal blue and white braided cord
Kappa Alpha Omicron
Environmental Studies Honor Society
Kappa Alpha Omicron, Iota Chapter, is an interdisciplinary Environmental Honor Society for students who excel in their academic studies as an environmental studies or science major. The students have interests ranging from economics to the natural sciences, and share a common goal to better the environment through community service and education.   white and dark green braided cord
Lambda Alpha
Anthropology Honor Society
Lambda Alpha is the National Collegiate Honor Society for Anthropology. It was founded for the purpose of encouraging and stimulating scholarship and research in anthropology by recognizing and honoring superior achievement in the discipline among students, faculty, and other persons engaged in the study of anthropology. white stole with gold letters and seal
Omicron Delta Epsilon
Economics Honor Society
Omicron Delta Epsilon is an international honor society recognizing high achievement and strong personal interest in economics. blue and gold double cord
Omicron Delta Kappa
Leadership Honor Society
Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society recognizing and encouraging the achievement of exemplary character and superior quality in scholarship and learning. black, white and light blue triple cord (for 2021)
Phi Alpha Theta
History Honor Society
Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society for students in the upper third of their class who have demonstrated excellence in research and writing in the field of history. red and light blue double cord
Phi Beta Kappa
Academic Honor Society
Phi Beta Kappa, Theta of Maryland, Sheltered at Washington College, the oldest undergraduate honors organization in the United States, celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. pin
Phi Sigma Tau
Philosophy Honor Society
Phi Sigma Tau, Delta Chapter, is a national honor society recognizing high scholarship and personal interest in philosophy. white and purple double cord
Pi Delta Phi
French Honor Society
Pi Delta Phi is a national honor society recognizing outstanding scholarship in the French language and its literature. red, white and blue braided

Pi Lambda Theta
Education Honor Society

Pi Lambda Theta is a national honor society recognizing high standards in the study of education. yellow double cord with medallion
Pi Mu Epsilon
Math Honor Society
Pi Mu Epsilon, Maryland Iota Chapter, is the national honorary mathematics society. The purpose of the organization is to promote scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions. gold, purple and lilac triple cord
Pi Sigma Alpha
Political Science Honor Society
Pi Sigma Alpha is a national honor society in political science recognizing students in the upper third of their class who have demonstrated productive scholarship and personal interest in government, international relations, or public administration. red, white and black braided double cord
Psi Chi
Psychology Honor Society
Psi Chi is an international honor society in psychology, awarding distinction to students in the upper 35% of their class who have demonstrated productive scholarship in psychology. blue and white braided double cord
Sigma Beta Delta
Business Honor Society
Sigma Beta Delta is a national honor society in business, recognizing students in the top 20% of their class who aspire toward personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind. hunter green and gold
Sigma Delta Pi
Hispanic Studies Honor Society
Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Zeta Chapter, is a national honor society in Spanish, recognizing students in the upper 35% of their class who have demonstrated superior academic achievement and commitment to the study of Spanish language and Hispanic literature and culture. red and gold double cord
Sigma Tau Delta
English Honor Society
Sigma Tau Delta is an international honor society whose central purpose is to confer distinction upon outstanding students of the English language and literature. black and red double cord

Other Academic Honors not listed in the program

Cater Society of Junior Fellows   white and maroon double cord
Presidential Fellows   black and maroon double cord
National Society of Leadership and Success   black and platinum double cord


We will be updating this page to include other cords and honor regalia for other organizations soon.