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Student Government Association

The SGA is your voice on campus! We represent and welcome all students and provide a variety of services to the community. Getting involved is easy — just drop us a line at [email protected], stop by our office in Hodson Hall, or follow us on Instagram: @wac_sga !

Mission Statement

The Washington College Student Government Association (SGA) seeks to equitably support and improve the student experience through advocacy, community collaboration, and transparent communication. We strive to engage, represent, and serve our student body at every level of our work.


What We Do

The SGA is your voice on campus! We are a student-led office of the College that coordinates and finances over 50 student clubs and organizations. The SGA also organizes and oversees campus-wide service projects, environmental initiatives, advocacy events, and a variety of student services.

The Review Board is the steering committee of the SGA and acts as the liaison among the branches of government. The President, Vice President, Parliamentarian, Financial Controller, Speaker of the Senate, and Honor Board Chair sit on the Review Board.

The Executive Board is comprised of all SGA student employees, who work together across their specialties to address student concerns, host events, and pursue initiatives that will improve every sector of campus life. The Executive Board carries out the majority of day-to-day SGA functionality and works toward long-term campus improvement. The Secretary of DIversity and Inclusion, Secretary of Student Life, Secretary of Environment, Secretary of Service and Community Relations, Secretary of Academics, and Director of Communications and Marketing comprise the Executive Board.