WC’s best traditions have emerged from our strong sense of community. People come together to celebrate our history, our setting, and the importance we place on friendships.

The All-Campus Picnic

On the Sunday before the first day of classes in late August, everyone gathers for food, music and conviviality. It’s a good place to meet some of your professors and to make some new friends—including the College’s mascot, Gus the Goose. Be sure to stick around for the fireworks.

Ringing the Bell

Sports teams celebrate every home victory by ringing the McLain Victory Bell erected outside Cain Gym. The bell is named for the late Joseph H. McLain ’37, the only College alumnus to serve his alma mater as president—and one of the College’s most fervent sports fans.

George Washington’s Birthday Ball

Think big. Awesome music and a professionally executed theme help us celebrate the birthday of our founding patron. Some people go all out for this huge formal affair that brings together students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. We’ve had some spectacular themes over the years, including most recently Harry Potter and Mardi Gras.

War on the Shore

Washington College is serious about lacrosse, and is usually a serious contender for the national title. Still, no game draws more fans than this one, pitting the Shoremen against their Eastern Shore rival and nemesis, Salisbury University.