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Campus Lingo

Campus Lingo

Learn how to talk like a Washington College student.

  • WAC


    Shorthand for Washington College. Not to be confused with CAC, shorthand for the Casey Academic Center.

  • Gus the Goose


    Beloved mascot of Washington College. (“Honk, Honk.”)

  • Goose Nation


    Another name for WAC. It’s a reference not only to our campus location in the Atlantic Flyway, but also to our mascot,  Do you tweet? Add #goosenation to your campus-related tweets!

  • War on the Shore


    An annual lacrosse game vs. Salisbury University. Alternates locations—some years WAC hosts, others SU hosts.

  • Spring Fling


    Advising Day in April—no classes, and the Green transforms into a large playground.

  • May Day


    We’ll let you figure this one out on campus freshman year.

  • George Goes Green


    A yearly campus-wide environmental consciousness campaign.

  • Casey Time


    A yearly campus-wide community service project. Usually in April.

  • Birthday Ball


    The biggest party of the year, in celebration of our patron George Washington. Alumni, students, professors, staff and friends can attend.

  • All-Campus Picnic


    The official start of the fall semester, the all-campus picnic is held the night before the first day of classes. The entire campus community attends.

  • Sports/Athletics Terms


    Check out Gus’s Glossary on the Washington College Athletics website here.

  • Sophie Kerr


    Early twentieth-century writer who loved Washington College. She left a large endowment to the College, to be used to enhance the creative writing program. Each year, one graduating senior wins the Sophie Kerr Prize, valued at $58,000 in 2012.

  • Kurt Landgraf

  • Wilmer Park


    Open area by the river, located next to the Washington College Boat House.

  • Twigs


    Twigs & Teacups is a specialty shop that carries a little bit of everything.

  • Sam’s


    Play it Again Sam. An eclectic coffee shop that also serves breakfast and lunch. Ask for the Alaskan!

  • RoFo


    Royal Farms, a 24-hour convenience store in town. They love college students!

  • Proc’s


    Procolino’s pizza, a popular college hangout. Located half a mile from campus. Ask for the College Special.

  • Fountain Park


    The center of downtown Chestertown - a large fountain stands in the middle. Where Art in the Park, Taste of the Town, Music in the Park, and weekly Farmers’ Market is held.

  • Western Shore


    A group name for the residence halls located around the perimeter of the baseball park. The Western Shore is made up of suite-style housing for juniors and seniors. 

  • West


    West Hall, one of the Hill Dorms, offers specialty housing on campus for students interested in math and science.

  • The Quad


    The area between the three fraternity house buildings - Cecil, Dorchester, and Talbot.

  • The Hill Dorms


    Name for three of our oldest buildings on campus, now specialty housing. See Middle, I-House, and West. More on the buildings here.

  • The Green


    The big, open lawn on campus, between the Hill Dorms and the John Toll Science Center Complex.

  • The Egg


    A performance/activity/student space in the Hodson Hall Student Center. You might hear a lecture, see a movie or be hypnotized here.

  • The CAC


    Casey Academic Center. Admissions, Student Affairs, and some student mailboxes are located here.

  • Sassy


    Sassafras residence hall, built in 2008.

  • MPC


    Multimedia Production Center. You can borrow DSL cameras, video cameras, or use their equipment to edit photos, videos and create presentations for class.

  • Middle


    One of the Hill Dorms, Middle Hall offers specialty housing on campus for students interested in creative writing, art, theatre and music.