Alex Smith '17

    Major: Business Management and Economics

    I am a senior healthcare operations consultant for Deloitte Consulting. I lead teams that support Fortune 500 companies, Startups, and Government agencies design and implement the user experience when implementing financial and materials management systems. For several years, much of my work was exclsuively centered in Asia, and was lucky enough to spend signifigant time in awesome countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, and the Phillipines. There is so much opportunity for CPAs beyond taxes and audits, dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

    Favorite Professor

    Professor Williams is the reason I ultimately pursued the CPA, and I owe so much of my knowledge and career to taking all 6 of his 8:30am classes.

    Fondest WC Memory

    Sailing Team spring training in Puerto Rico.


    You need to take advantage of the opportunities at WC that truly interest you. Employers and interviewers are looking beyond classes and GPA when you come out, we want to see what unique experiences you've taken advantage of how those experiences impacted you and make you a well-rounded indivudal.