Carly Ogren '14

    Major: Business Management
    Minor: Hispanic Studies

    I am the owner of a cottage food business in Denton, MD, meaning I operate a baking business out of my home. I started the business in the summer before my senior year at WC, however,  the business did not really take root until I moved back to Maryland in Sept 2017.  In addition to running Sweet C Baking, I work part time in accounts receivable for a pharmaceutical distributor in Cambridge, MD, and am actively involved in my church in Greenwood, DE.

    Let's Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    WC prepared me for my short career in transportation logistics, which I left to pursue my passion for baking. WC did prepare me in part for running my business, but like with any job, classes have a limit to how much they can prepare you, the rest of the preparation comes from time and experience in the field.


    Do not let others' expectations of you be the guide of your life. Find activities, causes, and jobs that interest you and ignite your passion, pursue involvement and positions in those fields. Do not let "society" define your success.