Jamie Frees Miller '12

    Major: Anthropology

    I help women prioritize their health with nutrition and self care to prepare for pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond. As an integrative nutrition health coach, I help women identify areas of their lives where they would like to make changes to enhance their quality of life. I support my clients by helping to uncover or identify the changes they want to make in their life and breaking it down into attainable steps that make these changes sustainable.

    Favorite Class

    Experimental Archaeology - Dr. Bill Schindler

    Fondest WC Memory

    So many memories at Washington College, but I'd say being on the Equestrian Team had a really big impact on my time at WC and also brought me some lifelong friends!

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    I think WC's focus on liberal arts and interdisciplinary learning really set me up for my most recent career choice. I became a certified holistic health coach after experiencing my own health struggles which I was actually diagnosed with during my time as a student at WC. My education in anthropology and exploring traditional cultures as well as following Dr. Schindler's approach to food really has influenced my own healing journey through diet, which is a staple part of how I help my clients prepare their bodies for healthy pregnancies and gain better health.


    My advice to students is to never stop learning or following your goals. They will definitely change over time, but change is the only thing that is constant, so why not go with the flow of where life takes you!