Katie Blaha '09

    Major: English

    Currently living on the eastern shore, I love being by the water, reading, volunteering with other peer non-profits, and checking out new brunch spots!


    Favorite Class and Professor

    Bob Day, John Lang, and my entire experience working, writing, and ultimately becoming the Editor-in-Chief for The Elm.

    Fondest WC Memory

    It was always such a treat walking into town to check out the shops, Dunkin coffee, and exploring the area. I wish I had done it more but it always felt like a nice change to head downtown with friends for the day.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    My time with The Elm trained me to manage a staff, always inquire and learn, and time management most importantly. Being in a sorority at WC was great for event and marketing training and learning to manage multiple personalities.


    Write for the paper — it's a great way to learn more about the school, meet new people, and refine your social and conversation skills that'll carry over! Also, go abroad!