Peter Knox '06

    Major: English

    After rising through the ranks over 14 years to lead marketing for the trade business books department at Wiley Publishing, I'm now VP, Client Manager and Marketing Director for Book Highlight, a boutique marketing and sales agency supporting authors and publishers across the ever changing industry.

    Favorite Professor

    Spending a Kiplin Hall summer with Dr. Richard Gillin, an American Poetry class with Prof. Bob Day, and having Prof. Adam Goodheart as my thesis advisor were invaluable and memorable experiences.

    Fondest WC Memory

    Late nights in the publication office, putting together the monthly magazine The Collegian as a small team on deadline to submit to the printer at the last minute was as memorable as my moments on the theater stage, rugby field, and around the flagpole.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    Washington College taught me to learn on the job, speak publicly, communicate clearly, work with any team, challenge myself, and turn a passion for anything (in my case, talking about books) into a career.


    College (and life!) is what you make of it, but never again will you be afforded this space and time to find yourself like this. Do it all! Where else can you write for publications, edit a magazine, lead an organization, participate in club sports, perform onstage with the theater company, travel with a class, and do it all? Sleep after you graduate.