L. Wayles Wilson '03

    Majors: Business Management and International Relations

    I own my own business as an Education Consultant, supporting schools, districts, and non-profits with various project management, grant writing, and talent support. I'm also writing a book on how school operations support academic achievement (tied specifically to sustainability).

    Fondest WC Memory

    Back when Blitzmail was a thing, my friend Ellen emailed the entire campus from my account saying that I had banana bread available in my dorm room if anyone wanted some!

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    As a business major, I took many classes that led me to organizational leadership, accounting, marketing, etc — and as an international relations major — I had many courses that taught about relationships and connections to others — that led me to get a master's in education nonprofit leadership. As a business owner, I put all these skills to use everyday.


    Take advantage of the many opportunities to do anything and everything at WC. As a busy student with various activities (catering, yearbook, sorority, working at the pool, study abroad, art classes, student government, off-campus work, etc) - I learned how to manage my time effectively, and how to lead others toward a goal. Very valuable experiences.