Rob Savidge '01

    Majors: Environmental Studies
    Minor: Business Management

    I am an environmental scientist who works with the Bureau of Watershed Protection & Restoration in Anne Arundel County, and I’m also an Alderman for the City of Annapolis serving on our City Council. I have been a public servant for most of my 20-year professional career, working on various aspects of the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. My current position with Anne Arundel County is that of an engineer, where I manage a budget of $5 million as I identify and design projects to maintain our stormwater infrastructure and restore our streams to reduce the amount of sediment pollution entering our waterways. After spending the first half of my post-graduate life as an activist, advocating for greater environmental protections, I have been honored to have the opportunity to now create the actual policies that I advocated for earlier, as an Annapolis Alderman. In this capacity I have successfully passed some of the strongest environmental policies in Maryland, if not the entire region.

    Favorite Professor

    The professor that had the biggest impact on me was my business professor Michael Harvey. He was always there in support and really challenged me to think critically. My favorite class with him Organizational Behavior, which has proven to be quite useful in any position of leadership.

    Fondest WC Memory

    I always enjoyed and gained the most from the field excursions we would take to/on the Chesapeake Bay.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    The Chesapeake Bay is truly a treasure and Washington College provided an excellent introduction to that Bay culture. Starting with the CNW (Chesapeake-Nation-World) classes we had freshmen year, to the higher level environmental classes of my senior year, WC provided the framework for my career as an Environmental Scientist. Furthermore, the business classes helped teach me how to be an effective leader, which I’ve used in my position as an Alderman.


    Build strong relationships not only with your professors, but with your classmates, particularly in your field of interest, as they are essential to any successful career. Take the time at the College’s career center to identify fields of interest, go for internships, and keep your goals in mind at all times.