Andy Carrigan '91

    Major: American Studies

    I’m a writer by trade, working as a creative director in advertising and marketing. I tell stories for a living and have been fortunate enough that some of those stories have become Super Bowl commercials, and some of those stories have become short films I have made or screenplays I have written.   

    I’m currently a Creative Lead at Facebook and founding partner of a new startup, Habitat Farms, which works with farmers to help protect birds, bees, and local waterways through a line of nature-positive pantry provisions we sell and reinvest in wildlife habitat. 

    Favorite Classes and Professors

    I remember being in awe of Profs. Day and DeProspo for their insane depth and incredible passion.  Garry Clarke probably had my favorite class, Jazz, which helped me connect the dots to music and pop culture and ultimately led me to my senior thesis topic, the origins of rap through jazz.    

    Fondest WC Memory

    Too many to list. To this day, some of the funniest and best people I have met were, and still are, good friends from my four years in Chestertown. 

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    Washington College allowed me to try a lot of different things and to be a safe place to fail if something wasn't for me. 


    Pursue things that interest you, even if you're not sure how you are going to make money doing it. Embrace epic failure and have humility in everything you do. Trying five different ways into a profession will help you find the angle that's right for you versus one size fits all, which might kill your love of something you are meant to do.