Rachel Smith ’89

    Major: Political Science

    Loving life as mom, wife, and attorney handling special prosecutions, investigations and litigation. In the down time, I love travel, gardening, writing and genealogy. 

    Favorite Class

    So many faculty and staff supported me at WC, it's hard to name just one.  All Dr. Taylor's classes where I learned legal concepts and government structure by breaking down and briefing cases and issue spotting remain skills I draw on even today. Dean Baer and President Carter and staff in their offices, Dean McIntire in student life, the Writing Lab team (Mrs. Goodfellow and Mrs. Tubbs) and so many staff members made my life at WC exceptional. I look on my time at WC as one of great growth with tremendous fun.

    Fondest WC Memory

    I can't name just one — hanging out in Reid Hall with friends, May Day antics, Birthday Ball, listening to Toni Morrison at O'Neill House, visiting with the Decker family at a fundraiser by the River, hanging out in the boat house, a ride on the school pontoon boat on the Chester River, Beach Blast and so many more,

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    WC experiences, course work and faculty taught me to look at every issue from multiple perspectives — that no idea stands on its own.  Most importantly, I learned that life is multifaceted — not linear.


    Resist the urge to skip the extracurriculars, the bonus events or guest lectures in the name of work, sleep or "just don't feel like it." They are worth the energy to pause the game, put down the book or get out of bed. These experiences are the ones you remember.