Steve Linhard '88

    Major: Business Management

    After many years of non-profit and education administrative leadership, I am now the CEO of Chesapeake Medical Imaging.  We are a regional radiology group with great emphasis on supreme patient care and customer service. We have 12 locations currently (one of our offices is in Chestertown!) and approximately 150 staff. For fun, I am an avid boater and fisherman. My connection to the Chesapeake beginning even before attending WC has enhanced over time with many experiences and living the boating culture of Annapolis. I have extended this even further by being "called" by the Ocean and for the past 20 years have been carving time out to bring my sport-fishing boat "HOT TUNA" around to Ocean City, MD to chase Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi.

    Favorite Professors 

    It is tough to limit to just one. I think that Sean O'Connor and Terry Scout had the most impact. Dr. O'Connor was the chair of the education department and I took 3 classes in education with him that were unrelated to my major. One of his great talents was to lead students to think with a 360° perspective. It was a great complement to help weave all the elements of a liberal arts education together and unknowingly realize I did not just learn, but I was taught how to think critically and preserve thoughtful curiosity. Terry Scout was also very influential in that he could really make business class topics relevant and possessed a truly engaging spirit. I still hear many of his Organizational Behavior class themes in my head as I have navigated my career.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts 

    I think through the diverse curriculum and community of learning, WC taught me how to take my naturally curious spirit to the next steps of investigation, discovery and analysis that lead to achieve desired outcomes. By being an overall generalist with the ability to specialize freely in areas of that peak my interest more than others, WC really complemented my learning style.


    Don't worry too much about overspecializing in a career path at this young age. The thing you can do is learn to lead yourself to be a deeper thinker with broad perspectives and target this toward the things that peak your interest.