Kristina Tatusko Henry '88

    Major: German Language & Literature
    Minor: English

    Prior to freelancing, I have worked as a project manager and technical writer for private companies and non-profit organizations. As a long-time member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS), I am a columnist for Swimmer magazine and a volunteer Adult-Learn-to-Swim instructor. My work has appeared in The Kansas City Star, Edible Delmarva, The Washington Post, and Washingtonian magazine as well as on  

    Favorite professor 

    Dr. Joachim Scholz for sure. We read the most interesting books in his German and Humanities classes. He opened my eyes to new (to me) writers and schools of thought. His love of teaching was palpable. We still keep in touch. Dr. Bennett Lamond was an absolute joy. He brought so much to life, in the writers and time periods we read and studied. He also wore the best suits. 

    Fondest Memory 

    Riding a bike with a friend on the campus lawn on a warm spring night. I remember thinking this was the best place on earth. Also, morning swims in the Casey Swim Center with my friend and classmate Rita Brigman McGuane. I still swim there on occasion, the facility has aged very well and is one of my favorite pools.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts 

    A general once said specialization is for insects. I could not agree more. A liberal arts education creates readers, writers, researchers and thinkers. Job trends may come and go but a solid foundation will last forever. 


    Be open to different paths and opportunities, whether professional or volunteer. When a mentor comes along, take advantage of the gift of their time and talent. And remember to thank those who help you along the way, even the smallest gestures and kindnesses are much appreciated.