Fannie Hobba Shenk '84

    Major: Humanities

    Fannie came back to Chestertown and Washington College in 2009. She started as an administrative assistant in the Advancement Department and then became a Gift Officer. She is now the 1782 Society and Alumni Engagement Director here. As an employee, an Alumna, and the parent of two graduates of Washington College she feels that WC has defined a major part of who and what she is. There is no place she would rather be.

    Favorite Professor

    Dr. Martin Kabat's Film class. To this day I think about it whenever I watch movies. I even still reach out to Dr. Kabat when I see a really good film. He was and still is my favorite professor.

    Fondest WC Memory

    Sunbathing on "Minta Martin Beach" and the Reid Hall balcony. All girls, listening to music, beautiful weather...and some very intellectual discussions!!! Another favorite memory is the spring of 1983 when NRBQ played on campus. Hearing an NRBQ song still takes me back.

    Let's Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    I did not know it at the time, but Washington College was literally preparing me for my current career by introducing me to so many wonderful attendees of WC! It also prepared me by offering classes that really opened my mind and made me think for myself. That's advantageous not just for a job but for all of life.


    Take advantage of opportunities presented to you, but make sure they are truly of YOUR interest, not someone else. Make your own goals and follow your own dream. There's no wrong answer.