John W. Dickson '72

    Major: English
    M.A. Counseling and Psychology

    I have developed two distinctly different professional lives: (1) 26 years as Director of a First-Generation College Program; in 2010, as a professional college consultant starting and directing College Planning Assistance. (2) As John Wesley Dickson, I continue to write, produce, publish original music with six (6) albums / Cds on Spotify, Apple, Amazon etc.  I am distributed in Europe on Tramp records.  On my Soundcloud, please note "Barrow's Blues" for Tim Barrow, Class of '72.  My music has been / is used for fundraising on Fair Districts and climate change.

    Favorite Professors

    Dr. Tapke in Philosophy had several of us over to his home for dinner and discussion as a freshman student. As a Basketball and Baseball Varsity Athlete, Ed Athey allowed me to keep my scholarship my senior year although I resigned from both sports to pursue my musical interests.

    Fondest WC Memory

    Passing my Comprehensive Exams in English. Whew.

    Let's Hear It for the Liberal Arts 

    I was a kid from a lower, middle-class background for whom Washington College developed my lifelong love of learning, reading and writing.


    Acquire and continue to develop skills in both time management and organization! This will maximize your available free time and prepare you well to succeed as a professional!