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    George's Grant

    George’s Grant is a grant program that covers 100% of tuition and fees, room* and board* if the student is qualified for, awarded, and accepts the Maryland Guaranteed Access Grant.



    *Covers the cost of any double room and a 19-meal plan. If a single room, double buyout, or unlimited meal plan is chosen, the student will be responsible for the additional costs.


    To Qualify:

    1. Complete the FAFSA before March 1. 

    2. Be admitted to Washington College 

    3. Must be eligible and awarded Maryland Guaranteed Access Grant.

    4. Must accept Maryland Guaranteed Access Grant in MDCAPS.

    To Renew: 

    1. Complete the FAFSA before March 1.

    2. Maintain 2.5 cumulative GPA for institutional scholarships and grants.

    3. Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.

    4. Maintain eligibility for the Maryland Guaranteed Access Grant.

    Renewal eligibility will be determined by June 1 each year. Students who do not meet the requirements above will not be eligible to renew George’s Grant.