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Department Faculty




Rachel Durso

Associate Professor of Sociology & Black Studies, Department Chair, Director of Justice, Law & Society Minor




Erin Anderson

Associate Professor of Sociology & Gender Studies; Director, Social Welfare Minor



Sociology faculty Rachel Durso, Erin Anderson, Nick Garcia, and Libby Yost.
"Every class I've taken with this wonderful faculty has reignited my enthusiam for the discipline as if I was experiencing it for the first time over and over again."
- Annalie Buscarino, '21


"I could not imagine graduating with a major other than Sociology -- all of the professors in the department have taught me so much and I'm incredibly grateful for them.  I will be utilizing the critical thinking skills I've acquired from Soc classes in the workforce."
- Fran Spargo, '22


"I think the professors at WAC are really the foundation of the school and especially the SOC professors have prepared me as well as I could have hoped."
- Gillian Kelahan, '21