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Kiplin Hall Blog

  • Whitby Abbey
  • Richmond Castle's Keep
    Richmond Castle, located in the center of Richmond, North Yorkshire, is one of the oldest stone-built castles in England. Overlooking the nearby River Swale, it is the focal point of the market town surrounding it. The 2015 Kiplin Hall group will be visiting Richmond Castle on July 2nd.
  • The Kiplin Hall gang will be in Ireland on Sunday, July 6th, to hike around and visit Blarney Castle! This page features information on the history and background of the site. Pictures of the Kiplin crew´s hike from this trip will be posted after July 14th, be on the lookout!
  • Robin Hood’s Bay, located 5 miles south of Whitby, is a charming fishing village with rich history and a beautiful view.
  • Rydal Mount is the historic home of William Wordsworth. Wordsworth lived, wrote, and gardened at Rydal Mount from 1813-1850.
  • On June 23 we will be hiking to Rievaulx Abbey. It is located in north Yorkshire within the North York Moors National Park. It is surrounded by beautiful woods, hills and the River Rye.
  • Cork is the city the Kiplin Hall group will be living in during its week in Ireland. It is located on the south coast and is Ireland’s second largest city. During our stay here we will be visiting many historical locations including Blarney Castle, Gouganbarra, Healy Pass and Hungry Hills.
  • South East end of the summit    *All images taken from

    Helm Crag is situated in Lake District National Park in Cumbria, England. This landmark has been given a variety of names because of its unique formation. Depending on the viewer’s vantage point, Helm Crag takes on different shapes and has since become identified by these monikers.

  • Castle Howard
    Castle Howard is one of Yorkshire’s most monumental historical houses and gardens-It has been home to the Howard family for over 300 years.-It contains 1,000 acres of landscape located in the Howardian Hills in the heart of North Yorkshire.
  • The Tudor-style cottage of Wordsworth + Fam
    One of Wordsworth’s historic homes, now belonging to and occupied by his descendants! Boy do they know how to cop a pound or two from literary tourists!
  • Castle Howard

    Located in North Yorkshire, Castle Howard was built upon by many generations of the Howard family line. Planning for construction began in 1699 when the 3rd Earl of Carlisle Charles Howard, Lord William Howard’s great grandson, had the idea of building a large estate to praise the grandiose of the family heritage. With the help of his friends, John Vanbrugh and Nicholas Hawksmoor; Castle Howard was in the beginning stages.

  • Helvellyn Range
    Helvellyn’s peaks have inspired iconic writers and artists for centuries, and continue to challenge adventurers and literature enthusiasts.
  • York Minster

    York Minster is Northern Europe’s biggest Gothic cathedral. It is known as an architectural and artistic masterpiece. It is currently a church where regular worship services are held, a cathedral and a minster. 

  • Middleham Castle will be the Kiplin Hall Group’s destination for July 6th. There we will see through the skeletal ruins of a castle to see the remains of a center of the Wars of the Roses  and home to war-captains, kingmakers, and kings. More information will be given upon our travels across the Atlantic.
  • View from summit.  Photo by Dede Pardee
    Third highest mountain in England and site of famous Striding Edge.
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    On June 25th, we will have the opportunity to hike the lovely area that is Greenhead Ghyll. This page provides information about the history and terrain of the surrounding area, while also providing photos and a map. Feedback about the trip will be uploaded after the hike. 
  • Haworth!

    Haworth is a quaint, historical village located in the heart of West Yorshire’s Bronte Country. The village, which rests above the Worth Valley within the Pennine Moors, is globally recognized for its connections to the Bronte Sisters. 

  • The main street running through the Yorkshire Dales village of Hawes

    On June 29th we will be visiting and hiking around Hawes which is the middle of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This town will be part of stage one of the Tour de France on Saturday July 5th. Hawes is also famous for producing “real” Wenslaydale cheese.

  • Entering Whitby by boat
    As we approached Whitby, I could see the Abby high over the town. This town reminded me of Cape Cod.