Kiplin Hall


  • Whale Arch
    Whale Arch
  • St. Mary's Church
    St. Mary's Church
  • The Abbey
    The Abbey
  • View from below the church
    View from below the church
  • 199 steps
    199 steps
  • New side of town
    New side of town
  • Entering Whitby by boat
    Entering Whitby by boat
  • Looking across the Harbor
    Looking across the Harbor
  • The Abbey
    The Abbey
  • St. Mary's
    St. Mary's
  • Whitby beach
    Whitby beach
  • Cemetery at St. Mary's Church
    Cemetery at St. Mary's Church
  • Clock on St. Mary's Church
    Clock on St. Mary's Church
  • Entering the sea
    Entering the sea
  • Front of the Abby
    Front of the Abby
  • Side view of the Abbey
    Side view of the Abbey
  • A path we followed through a field
    A path we followed through a field
  • Coast line on our hike
    Coast line on our hike
  • Cliffs
  • Part of the path
    Part of the path
  • View from the cliffs
    View from the cliffs
  • Where we are going
    Where we are going
  • Looking back on where we had come from
    Looking back on where we had come from
  • Bridge in the pasture
    Bridge in the pasture
  • Looking out to Robinhoods Bay
    Looking out to Robinhoods Bay
  • Fossils that can be found in whitby
    Fossils that can be found in whitby
  • Captain Cook Statue
    Captain Cook Statue
  • Bram Stoker
    Bram Stoker
  • Lunch time
    Lunch time
  • Gate on the pier
    Gate on the pier
  • Lobster pots
    Lobster pots
  • Old side of town
    Old side of town
  • Plaque on the swing bridge
    Plaque on the swing bridge
  • Walking on the pier
    Walking on the pier

Location: Whitby West Cliff

June 10, 2014
As we approached Whitby, I could see the Abby high over the town. This town reminded me of Cape Cod.  

Wandering through the streets on the East side, there were small shops that carried unique gifts.  I was most interested in the Jet.  It was very expensive, but I did obtain a small nugget.  Dr. Gillin wanted  us to walk on the West side.  The closer I got to the pier, the more I was reminded of Ocean City’s Boardwalk.  There were a lot shops selling tourist items.  There were arcades and rides also.  I continued to walk out to the end of the pier to the West Lighthouse.  This particular spot provided a breath taking view of the Church and Abby.  As we climbed the 199 steps my thoughts were on the people who once carried caskets up these steps.  I noticed that the closer to the top I got, there were less steps to each landing.  The view from the top of the steps was magnificent.  The view provided me with a since of peace.  I was disappointed that I did not see the Whale Bone Arch, and honestly I am not sure how I missed it.  The hike from Whitby to Robinhood’s Bay was amazing.  Looking out to the Sea seemed to wash away all the worries that I had. The cliffs with their jagged edges made by the sea, made each piece a unique picture in my mind.  Whitby was much better then I could have imagined.  I wish we could have spent more time there.

On July 2 we will be traveling to Whitby, Coastal Cliff Walk.  Whitby is a seaside town on the East coast of North Yorkshire. Whitby is famous for its connections to Bram Stoker, Author of Dracula and Captain Cook.


History of Whitby 



~Creatures, minerals and plants

~Found on the beaches and rocks and cliffs

~Inspired myth and folklore          

~“Dinosaur Coast”

*Well-known myth

~Creation of the ammonites

Textile History 1700-1914

*1839 arrival of the railroad

*Sailcloth manufacturing

*Tailoring, dressmaking, drapery


*The Abby

~Built in 657AD by Oswy, King of Northumberland

~St. Hilda

~Royal nunnery of the kingdom of Deira

~Was destroyed by the Vikings from Denmark

~Caedmon English poet

                  ~Caedmon’s Hymn (Old English Poetry)

~St. Bede a Benedictine Monk, author and scholar

                  ~Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum

                  ~Father of English History

                  ~Doctor of the Church by the Roman Catholic Church

Captain James Cook 1728-1779

*First man to circumnavigate the globe in both directions

~First voyage—charting the east coast of Australia

~Second voyage—sailed to Antarctica (first Antarctic crossing 1773)

~Third voyage—on the HMS Resolution in search of North West Passage, where he lost his life in a fight on the island of Hawaii in 1779


*55 whaling ships operated from the harbor

~Jenny was one of the most successful ships in the fleet

~Returning ships placed the whale jaw bones on the mast to show they had a catch on board

~1963 Thor Dhal and Graham Leach gave the town the Whale Jaw Archway

~Whaling industry ended in 1837

Literary & Artistic Heritage

*Bram Stoker (1847-1912)

~Most famous work DRACULA

~Much of the story is centered around view from Whitby’s West Cliffs to look across the harbor to the Abby and St. Mary’s church

~Includes pieces of folklore from Whitby

*Robert Swindell (1939-)

~Children’s author

~Room 13

~Setting is based in a guesthouse on Whitby’s West Cliff                    

*Robin Jarivs (1963-)

~Children’s fantasy novelist

~Whitby Witches

~Whitby was the scene for this book and others


* Abby

~Overlooks the North Sea on the East Cliff

~Used in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula

*Swing Bridge

~Divides the upper and lower harbors

~Joins the east and west sides of the town

*St. Mary’s Church

~199 Steps of the “Church Stairs”

~Caedmon’s Trod

*The west lighthouse (1835)

~84 feet tall

*The east lighthouse (1855)

~54 feet tall

*Captain James Cook statue

~Located on the West Cliff

*Whalebone Arch

~Located on the West Cliff

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