Kiplin Hall

Cork, Ireland

Location: Cork

June 18, 2014
Cork is the city the Kiplin Hall group will be living in during its week in Ireland. It is located on the south coast and is Ireland’s second largest city. During our stay here we will be visiting many historical locations including Blarney Castle, Gouganbarra, Healy Pass and Hungry Hills.

Cork History

  • Was originally founded in the sixth century as a monistic settlement by St. Finbar. 
  • 1491: Nicknamed “rebel city” for its backing of Perkin Warbeck in the War of the Roses who tried to usurp the English throne from Henry VII but failed in the rebellion
  • 18th Century:Much of the medieval architecture in Cork was replaced with Georgian buildings

           - Christ Church built in 1726

           - St. Anne’s Shandon built in 1726

           - Customs House built in 1724

  • 19th Century: Population of Cork declined due to emigration to Britain or North

           - 1825: over 1,800 Irish residents departed from Cork to emigrate to Peterborough.

           - Resulted in the “Scott’s Plains” being renamed “Peterborough” as a tribute.

  • Many 19th century architecture can still be seen in areas around the city such as the Georgian and Victorian buildings that now house banks and department stores


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