Peer Mentor Program

    Coming to a new place can be difficult, but the Peer Mentors are here to make your transition to Washington College easier than you could have imagined!


    Washington College Peer Mentors guide and support new students, promote an inclusive environment, and work to ensure a successful academic and social transition into the Washington College community.  The Program is designed to provide individualized support for first year students’ collegiate experience. Peer mentors are trained student leaders who assist with pre-orientation communication, help facilitate the orientation experience, collaborate with students’ First Year Seminar faculty advisor, and check in with their mentees regularly throughout the year; offering information, support, and connections to college and community resources. 

    Peer Mentors go through a selective application and screening process in the Spring. The application is open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. Successful Peer Mentors are welcoming, supportive, and community minded. Important characteristics in a peer mentor include, empathy, social and relational strengths, school spirit, and organizational skills. 

    Once selected, Peer Mentors build their team and engage in ongoing training and development. Peer Mentors gain valuable leadership skills and receive a stipend for their work. 

    Peer Mentors

    Peer Mentor groups generally consist of 8-15 new students and their Peer Mentor. For those of you who are starting Washington College in the fall, your Peer Mentor group will be your classmates in your first-year seminar. This means that on your first day of class, you will already have some familiar faces, which allows you to start on your academic journey with a solid foundation. 

    Luckily, your Peer Mentor’s work is not yet done once your classes begin. Throughout the entire year, your Peer Mentor will continue to meet with your group and you, individually, to make sure that your transition is smooth and complete. They will remind you about post-orientation events and other programs for first-year students. They may also draw your attention to interesting lectures, concerts, open mic nights, and many other college traditions and events at Washington College. It is your Peer Mentor’s utmost responsibility and promise to continue to check in with you to make sure that all remains comfortable and successful. For many of you, you will find that your Peer Mentor becomes a valued friend and guide at Washington College. Don't be shy to just say hey when you see your peer mentor in a class with you or just around campus!