Summer To-Do List 2024

    This checklist will help you to make sure you have everything you need for your first year at Washington College!

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    If you committed since 5/30 you may not be able to set up your password until Monday. If you continue to experience issues accessing this, please reach out to [email protected]

    Start Here

    ► Claim your Washington College account (set up User ID and password) ASAP.

    ► Access your Washington College Email ASAP.

    Schedule  your physical with your doctor at home so they have time to complete your First year/sports physical paperwork BEFORE the due date of July 15.


    ►  Complete Housing Forms by June 2.

       Register for Flock Together by June 14.

    You may register for June 24, 25, or 26: please choose the date that is best for you and your family.

    If you are unable to attend on any of those dates, you will be able to meet with an advisor virtually after the on campus dates.

    Have your parent/guardian complete the Parent/Guardian form by June 14.

    ►Take Math & Language Placement Exams by June 14.

    There are three placement exams; one for language and two for math (one is only required for students planning to major in a Natural Science or Math/Computer Science program).

    Each typically takes less than an hour, and they do not need to be taken at the same time. Plan ahead and space them out!

    The exams and more information are available on Canvas, in the "New Students, Fall 2024" course.

    ► Log into Student Self-Service to familiarize yourself with this system. (You will be able to see your class schedule after you register, and in July, this is where you will see your tuition bill.)

    ► Browse the Course Schedule (you can also view it through Self-Service) by June 14.

    ► Complete Course Selection Worksheet on Canvas by June 14.

    Complete Incoming Student Success Inventory by June 14.

    Complete your Release of my Educational Records (FERPA) by June 30. You can view instructions for the completion of the FERPA form, then complete yours through Self Service.

    ► Register for Orientation Explore! by June 30.

    Any changes to your Explore! selection will be managed during Flock Together or via email to Student Affairs at [email protected].

    Accept/Reject Federal Loans/Awards by June 30.

    Failure to do so may result in inaccurate billing statements.


    Review Tuition bill: available beginning July 1 (due August 1).

    Complete the student health form and online insurance waiver by July 15.

    Failure to fill out the health insurance waiver will mean automatic enrollment in the College's student health insurance after July 15 and the cost of the insurance will be billed directly to the student account.

    Upload student health forms to the Student Health Portal once completed. 


    ► Complete financial responsibility form by August 1.

    ► Pay tuition bill by August 1.

    Complete student athlete health forms (Availble starting in June or when released by NCAA) by August 1.

    Complete Vector Prevention Modules by August 19.

    ► Sign up for WAC Alerts before August 19.

    Register your vehicle before August 19 (form not available until July 16).

    ► Update your CampusGroups profile before August 19.

    ► Come to campus for New Students Move-in Day August 19.

    Complete the Career Center Assessment (Focus 2) by August 31.


    For more information or questions, please contact us at 410-778-6384 or .

    Our portal/systems do not work well with Safari browsers. Please use either Chrome or Firefox to access the links on the Summer To-Do List.