Zero Waste Move-In

    As part of our commitment to campus sustainability, help us reach our goal of 100% waste diversion on move-in day.

    Before Coming to Campus

    1) Decide what to bring. Consider bringing a durable water bottle, reusable straw, basic kitchenware, and compost pail to avoid waste while on campus.

    2) Unbox and unwrap new purchases* to avoid bringing extra cardboard, plastic, and styrofoam to campus. 

    3) Pack items in containers that will be useful throughout the year, such as reusable cloth bags or durable storage bins.    

    After Unpacking

    1) Break down cardboard boxes.

    2) Bring cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic to the nearest recycling station.

    Peer Mentors, RAs, and members of the Student Environmental Alliance and KAO Honor Society will be on hand to guide you and lend a helping hand.

    Learn more about campus recycling.


    * Please keep new refrigerators in their original packaging for safe transport to your residence hall.