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Meet Our Peer Mentors

Introducing our 2022-23 Peer Mentor team!

True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation.

- George Washington

  Peer MEntor leaders

Kate Ruppert Peer Mentor

Kate Ruppert '23, Peer Mentor Leader

  • Hometown: Westminster, MD
  • Majors: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Hispanic Studies 
  • Involvement: Sigma Delta Pi Honors Society, Tri-Beta Honors Society, Toll Fellow, Presidential Fellow, Varsity Women’s Tennis 
  • I’m so grateful to have found my home here at WAC. The professors are all so amazing and the community is unbelievable. I always knew I wanted to go to a smaller school, but I didn’t understand what that truly meant until I came here. I’m a part of a community that goes beyond academics and beyond social life; it’s an experience that will benefit me for the rest of my life.  I felt a true connection to the Peer Mentor program since day one and cherish the impact we have on not only first-year students, but the entire WAC community! 
Maegan White, Peer Mentor Leader

Maegan White '23, Peer Mentor Leader

  • Hometwon: Greenville, SC
  • Majors: Political Science and Environmental Science
  • Involvement: Student Government Association Parliamentarian, Women’s Rowing Team, Model United Nations, Cater Society of Research Fellows
  • I love working with passionate and determined people seeking to make our campus, town, and country better and all the people I have worked within these clubs exemplify these characteristics. Outside of school and clubs, you can find me at the farmers market, kayaking on the Chester, or going on a hike in the Eastern Neck Wildlife Preserve or the Sassafras river with a friend! 
Kennedy Jones, Peer Mentor Leader Assistant

Kennedy Jones '24, Peer Mentor Leader Assistant

  • Hometown: Burke, VA
  • Majors: Political Science and Environmental Science
  • Involvement: Women's Swimming and Sailing, SEA
  • I chose WAC because I wanted to be a part of a close-knit community that would allow me to grow both inside and outside of the classroom. I love that my professors are passionate and want to help each and every student succeed. 
Hailey Sutton, Peer Mentor Leader Assistant

Hailey Sutton '24, Peer Mentor Leader Assistant

  • Hometown: Baltimore, MD
  • Major: Biology with a Minor in Public Health
  • Involvement: Peer mentor, Secretary of Diversity and Inclusion for SGA, Secretary of Black Student Union, student affairs intern, Biology lab TA 
  • I love WAC for the small campus and being a peer mentor gives me the opportunity to the new meet people of the campus! 

Peer mentors

Zach Affeldt, Peer Mentor

Zach Affeldt '25

  • Hometown: Savage, MN
  • Majors: Political Science and International Studies
  • Involvement: Varsity Swimming, SGA, Presidential Fellow, Society of religion politics and culture, National society of leadership
  • Why I Am a Peer Mentor: I had an amazing first year at Washington College, and I was able to meet so many cool people while also getting involved in a variety of ways. WAC allowed me to branch out of my comfort zone, and try things that I previously would not have. Much of this was due to my peer mentor, and is the key reason I wanted to be a peer mentor. 

Brynn Castellani, Peer Mentor

Brynn Castellani '25

  • Hometown: Newark, DE
  • Major: Neuroscience
  • Involvement: Director of Series Events (Student Events Board), John S. Toll Science & Mathematics Apprentice, Peer Mentor
  • Why I Chose WAC: I chose Washington College because of its wide range of opportunities and close-knit community. I have joined clubs & organizations that I never would have imagined joining, but I am so grateful for the experiences and friendships I have made so far! I want to ensure that freshmen continue to expose themselves to all the wonderful opportunities here and form meaningful connections. 

Kain Domenech, Peer Mentor

Kain Domenech '23

  • Hometown: Severna Park, MD
  • Major: Business Management; Minors: Marketing and International Business
  • Involvement: Men’s Varsity Lacrosse, Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), Peer Mentor   
  • Why I Chose WAC: I chose Washington College because it allowed me to excel in the field and the classroom. The small community enables me to make lifelong relationships with fellow students, teachers, and coaches. I became a peer mentor because I wanted to make a difference in this great community and try and make the transition for the new freshman and transfers as smooth as possible. 
Hunter Frederick, Peer Mentor

Hunter Frederick '25

  • Hometown: Laurel, MD
  • Majors & Minors: Economics (Intend to declare a Political Science major and a Philosophy minor) 
  • Involvement: George's General, Student Fellow at the Institute for Religion, Politics and Culture, Men's Rowing, Men's Rowing Representative to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. 
  • Why WAC: Why WAC: Washington College stands out to me for its exemplary faculty. The small class sizes allow for students to capitalize on opportunities that result from working more closely with a professor. Washington College also offers many leadership opportunities that allow for students to grow in their leadership style. I am a Peer Mentor because I want to follow the legacy of the Peer Mentors of the past and present, and to be able to leave a positive impact on Washington College. 

Alyssa Hawes, Peer Mentor

Alyssa Hawes '24

  • Hometown: Baltimore, MD
  • Major: Business Management with a Marketing minor
  • Involvement: Women’s Basketball Team, BSU, Peer Mentor 
  • Why I Love WAC: WAC is my home away from home! The new friendships and experiences I have made are preparing me for my “adult” life. WAC has great academics, as well as opportunities to excel in your career, such as the study abroad program. My new peers, teammates, and co-workers that I have met here have made my experience worthwhile.
  • Why I am a Peer Mentor: I am a peer mentor to make the incoming freshman’s transition from high school smooth and exciting. I never got to experience the ideal freshmen year due to covid, so by becoming a peer mentor I have the ability to make their time here the best. 


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Marcelina Lewis '25

  • Hometown: Baltimore County, MD
  • Major: Environmental Science
  • Why I Chose WAC: I chose WAC because I love being on a small campus. After going through the college application process, I realized that I really valued a smaller college with a more personal approach to teaching and learning. Being in smaller classes has made it easy to ask questions and get to know my professors. I’m excited to be a peer mentor and help new students get to know all of the opportunities that Washington College has to offer them. 

Dori McMenamin, Peer Mentor

Dori McMenamin '24

  • Hometown: Warrington, PA
  • Major: Psychology with a minor in Sociology
  • Involvement: Wellness Advocacy Coach, Shorefit head team leader, Psychology club social media chair, Club Soccer, Habitat for Humanity, and Zeta Tau Alpha chapter room manager. 
  • Why I Love WAC: I love Washington College because of the close-knit community and abundant opportunity for involvement. I have worn many hats here at WAC and I can proudly say that I am most excited to be a peer mentor. It's important to me that the freshman class feels welcome during orientation so that they are not afraid to get out of their shell to make friends and try something new. I am so excited to meet so many new shore men and women. 
Tiana Morel, Peer Mentor

Tiana Morel '24

  • Hometown: Baltimore, MD
  • Major: Psychology with a concentration in clinical counseling 
  • Involvement: President of Psychology Club, VP of LSU, Washington Scholar
  • Why WAC/Why I'm a Peer Mentor: I like that WAC is a small school which allows for one on one opportunities. I wanted to become a peer mentor because my freshman year wasn't anything but normal and I want to show the incoming freshman that it's okay.  

Justin Morris, Peer Mentor

Justin Morris '24

  • Hometown: Gilbertsville, PA 
  • Major: Biology, Minors: Chemistry and Public Health 
  • Involvement: Swim Team Captain, Writing Tutor, Honor Board Panelist, Tri Beta, Presidential Fellow 
  • Why I Love WAC: I really enjoy how WAC is a small, tight knit community. As a peer mentor, I hope to continue creating great relationships throughout the school. 
Adrienne Nolt, Peer Mentor

Adrienne Nolt '23

  • Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA
  • Major/Minor: Mathematics, minor in Physics and Dance 
  • Involvement: Treasurer of Dance Club, Technician Intern for CES, Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Society, National Honor Society for Dance Arts 
  • Why I Love WAC: I love being at WAC for the many opportunities provided by the small campus setting. WAC has incredible internship programs and networking resources, and the professors are really dedicated to your college experience. I hope to be able to support the next class of first-years as a Peer Mentor, just like the campus community has supported me.   


Kaitlin Osucha, Peer Mentor

Kaitlin Osucha '25

  • Hometown: Chatham, NJ
  • Major/Minor: Undecided but interested in pursuing a major in Human Development with a minor in History
  • Involvement: Zeta Tau Alpha Intramural Chair & Corresponding Secretary, Starr Center intern, Quill & Compass Scholar, Presidential Fellow, Peer Mentor, and Student Government Association Member on Student Life Committee  
  • Why I Love WAC: I love Washington College because even though it’s a small school there are so many great opportunities. I have been able to work in classrooms, make exhibits for local museums, and kayak on the river. I’ve made such great friendships in only the first few days on campus, and I am so grateful for the Peer Mentor program when I was a freshman. I wanted to be a Peer Mentor to be able to give back to a program that helped me so much during my acclimation into college! I hope you all are able to have such a great experience at WAC that I have! 
Claire Garretson, Peer Mentor

Claire Garretson '25

  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Majors: Communications & Media Studies and French Studies; Marketing and European Studies minors 
  • Involvement: President of our Model UN club, Student Government Association, Career Center ambassador, Alpha Omicron Pi sorority  
  • Why I Love WAC: I fell in love with WashColl from the moment I first arrived here, I knew the school saw me as a name, and not a number. Since day one, I have found so much support and encouragement from the faculty, administration, and my peers as I chase my dreams and try new things. This is a campus full of opportunities, mentorship, and life-changing experiences just waiting to happen, and I chose to be a Peer Mentor this year so I could guide the newest members of Goose Nation towards these fantastic possibilities. I’m passionate about stepping outside comfort zones and trying things that seem scary, and want to be the encouraging voice and friend that empowers students to just go for it and make the most of their college experience. 
Dylan Snow, Peer Mentor

Dylan Snow '23

  • Hometown: Laytonsville, MD
  • Majors: Political Science and Anthropology
  • Involvement: Vice President of Kappa Sigma, SGA Senator, Model UN Team, WACapella, WAC Democrats, Starr Center Intern
  • Why I love WAC: I love Washington College because it has allowed me to find my place and become myself. I've been able to discover what I am passionate about- from music to social justice; and it has given me all sorts of opportunities outside of the classroom- from working in Chestertown to interning at the Maryland General Assembly. Most importantly, it has given me the most amazing friends, classmates, and professors who help me become the best person I can. 
Megan Somers, Peer Mentor

Megan Somers '24

  • Hometown: Wilmington, DE 
  • Major: Biochemistry
  • Involvement: SGA, SEA, Toll Apprentice, Presidential Fellows, Academic Skills Tutor 
  • Why I love WAC: I love everything about it here. I like seeing a few people I know on my way to class, going to the Freeze and sitting on the curb with a friend, being by the river, and I love the small learning environment of all my classes.  What I like about being a peer mentor is the free environment Trish creates so we can collaborate with each other and feel free to be ourselves. 

Alex May, Peer Mentor

Alex May '23

  • Hometown: Dover, DE 
  • Majors: Business Management and Psychology 
  • Involvement: SGA, Swim Team, Zeta Tau Alpha, George's General 
  • Why I love WAC: There are endless opportunities to get involved and meet new people! The people on campus are super welcoming and supportive, and there are lots of resources for success. Additionally, the historic campus and Chestertown are beautiful! 
  • Why I am a Peer Mentor: The transition from high school to college is critical, and I want to be a reliant and trustworthy resource for my fellow classmates. I had an amazing Peer Mentor, and I want to help others feel welcome on campus too! I also love a good Icebreaker, which also makes this job super fun!! 
Jack Poleto, Peer Mentor

  Jack Poleto '25

  • Hometown: Moorestown, NJ
  • Major: Data Science
  • Involvement: SGA Financial Controller, Men's Swimming
  • Why I Love WAC/Why I am a Peer Mentor: WAC wasn't anything like I expected it to be and getting heavily involved in the SGA has really made my experience what it is. I have really enjoyed the connections I have been able to make with my professors and my peers. I decided to be a peer mentor because I want to give new students the same initial experience, I had that got me energized to participate and make this campus a better place.  


Rodger Ecker, Peer Mentor

Rodger Ecker '24

  • Hometown: Kingston, NY
  • Majors: Business Management and Art History; Arts Management and Entrepreneurship Minor
  • Involvement: Vice President of the class of 2024; President of Phi Delta Theta; ENACTUS Vice President & Project Leader; Co-Founder of Legendairy; President of the MMA Club; SGA Senator; Peer Mentor; Presidential Fellow   
  • Why I love WAC/ Why I became a PM: I knew Washington College was the place for me as soon as I walked on campus for the first time. The environment, the students, and the faculty all come together to create a supportive and exciting community that truly feels like home. For these reasons I decided to involve myself further in the community by becoming a Peer Mentor so I can assist new students in their transition to our wonderful college. 
Kamden Richardson, Peer Mentor

Kamden Richardson ‘24 

  • Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota 
  • Majors/Minor: History and Political Science with a minor in secondary education
  • Involvement: Peer Mentor, Secretary of Student Life for the Student Government Association, Director of Panhellenic Relations, and a sister in Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary of Phi Alpha Theta, Intern at the Starr Center, Captain and Coxswain on the Women's Rowing Team 
  • Why I Love WAC: I love WAC because of the close connections I’m able to form with my professors, administrators, and my peers. The atmosphere on campus, and the community we have here is truly special and I’m proud to say that Washington College is my home away from home. As a peer mentor, I get to show my mentees this close-knit community, and be among the first people to welcome them into it as well. Being able to watch my mentees find their place at Washington College and come out of their shell is the most rewarding experience for me.  
Justin Fitzpatrick, Peer Mentor

Justin Fitzpatrick '24

  • Hometown: Wilmington, DE
  • Major: Communications & Media Studies with a Marketing minor
  • Involvement: Swim, part of FCA, Disc Golf Club, Economics Club
  • Why I Love WAC: I love WAC because of all the close connections you can make with your professors. You can really build a strong relationship with them. On top of that, WAC’s atmosphere is literally the greatest. I love how close you are to the water and honestly, every time I leave school I feel like I create an emotional bond with the town. The memories you make with your friends will forever be the greatest at WAC. Trust me. 
Jastin Garcia-Mendoza, Peer Mentor

Jastin Garcia-Mendoza '23

  • Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
  • Major: Economics; Psychology and Political Science minors
  • Involvement: Brother of Phi Delta Theta, Vice President of the IFC, SGA Senator, Peer Mentor, Club Rugby, Peter Franchot for Governor campaign Intern, Psychology Club, Economics Club, Library Student Assistant, Safe Ride driver. 
  • Why I Love WAC: Washington College has given me so many great opportunities. I got to meet new people and make new friends. I'm glad I decided to go to Washington College, and I couldn't see it any other way. I love how I get to learn from both my professors and peers. It is amazing how like home Washington College is. I love the people here! 
Heather Fabritze, Peer Mentor

Heather Fabritze '25

  • Hometown: Alburtis, PA
  • Majors: English, Communications & Media Studies; Journalism, Editing and Publishing Minor
  • Involvement: The Elm, SGA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Honor Board, Presidential Fellows, Sophie Kerr Scholar 
  • Why I Love WAC: Going into college, I was anxious that I would feel alone and uncomfortable on campus. But WAC and the peer mentor program quickly opened my eyes to all the opportunities I could experience and new friends I could make. Now, campus truly is a home away from home, and I can’t wait to reassure incoming students that they, too, have a place here! 
Noah Vargas, Peer Mentor

Noah Vargas '23

  • Hometown: Chestertown, MD
  • Major: Business Management
  • Involvement: Director of Community and Social Impact (American Marketing Association), SGA Class of 2023 President, George's General, Admissions Marketing RCL Intern, Best Buddies 
  • Why I Love WAC: This school has changed my life. Every year is better than the next, and I've been able to grow so much over my time here. There are endless opportunities and relationships to be made! That's why I wanted to become a Peer Mentor. I want to do everything I can to help the incoming students transition into this awesome school so that they are able to create their own memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Justus Williams, Peer Mentor

Justus Williams '25

  • Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
  • Major/Minor: Behavioral Neuroscience Major - Business Management Minor 
  • Involvement: Class of 2025 Vice President, MMA Club President, SGA Senator, Washington Scholar, IM Sports Athlete, BSU Member, LSU Member, Economics Club Member 
  • Why I Love WAC: I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I became a part of the Washington College community. I came in knowing absolutely no one. What happened over the year was that the college quickly became my new home and the people I met, my new family. WAC is an incredible place because each student has the ability to leave their own personal stamp on the place. It does not matter from where you came from because as soon as you step onto campus suddenly you are thrown into a slew of events, clubs, organizations, and opportunities. Because of my Peer Mentor Kamden, I was able to connect to these opportunities and begin to create a place for myself within the community. My intention as a peer mentor is to create this same occurrence for the incoming students. I want to help as many new members of our community tap-in to their potential and pursue that which makes them happy and makes them find a home for themselves. College, I believe, is a beautiful place where everything we want to be as young adults can come true.