WC Learning Spaces

WC Learning SpacesOn this page you will find links to the various learning spaces at Washington College that have been updated with the goal of promoting active, collaborative learning. You will see the furniture styles break out into two main groups. One group, the tablet arm chairs. These are individual student desks, but improved for the 21st century learner. They are mobile, ergonomically designed, self contained desks with large format work surfaces to allow students to use a laptop or tablet, have a book open, and a place for their drink. 

The second style are tables and chairs, but you won’t need herculean strength to move these around the room, These tables and chairs are on casters and designed to nest together, allowing you to use as much or as little of the furniture as you like. The room can be completely reconfigured in a matter of moments, allowing you to hold class the way you think works best for your students.

Pedagogical Learning Space Guidelines

When designing these spaces, we strive to follow certain guidelines. Those guidelines are:

  1. Design to maximize alignment of best teaching practices across the curriculum.
  2. Design space to maximize student access to, and use and ownership of, the learning environment for both formal and informal learning. 
  3. Design to maximize the inherent flexibility with each space. (space can be used for lecture, seminar, group or individual work)
  4. Design to make use of not only floor space but available vertical space as well.
  5. Design features and functions to be intuitive and reliable
  6. Design spaces with learning technology that is future-proof, consistent across the campus, and integrates with our network.

Explore the different rooms above. For more information, please contact Nancy Cross by email at [email protected] or by phone at extension 7167.