Alcohol and Drug Education

Alcohol and Drug Education

Washington College is dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy living and learning environment for all students. The College recognizes that student alcohol use and abuse is an issue that confronts all colleges and universities. Alcohol or other drug abuse adversely affects student success in and out of the classroom and is an issue with complex physiological, social, psychological, and legal dimensions. Washington College values honor, trust, integrity, respect, civility, service, responsibility and citizenship.  These values will guide you throughout your college experience, and help facilitate healthy and responsible decisions.

Expectations for the College:

Washington College is expected to:

  • Adhere to all local, state, and federal laws and legal requirements regarding alcohol and substance use.
  • Provide Information at appropriate times during the academic year to assist student organization make educated decisions about the risks of, and whether to serve, alcohol at their activities.
  • Intervene with appropriate measures when any student’s health, safety and/or academic success are perceived to be at risk.
  • Provide individualized and timely support and intervention for students who display alcohol or other substance related problems.
  • Offer lively, enjoyable, safe and readily available activities designed to support a campus social culture free of alcohol and plentiful social opportunities for students who do not use alcohol regularly or at all.

Expectations for Students:

Students are expected to:

  • Abide by applicable laws and College policies concerning the possession, purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages and other drugs and to conduct themselves in accordance with guiding principles outlined above.
  • Be responsible for their decisions and accept the consequences.
  • Educate themselves about the social, physiological, psychological, academic, and legal consequences of consuming alcohol and other drugs.
  • Take appropriate care of themselves and others in the community, a demonstration of respect and a commitment to individual and shared responsibility.

Continue browsing the Wellness & Prevention Education’s website to learn more information about alcohol and other drugs, making responsible decisions around alcohol, and resources for you and/or friends.