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Campus Parking

All vehicles on campus must be registered with the Department of Public Safety. Student and Guest passes are available. If you wish to park on campus for any amount of time, at any time of day, you must register your vehicle. Failure to register carries a fine and possible loss of motor vehicle parking privileges on campus.


Responsibility for payment of the penalties incurred rests with the student registrant, and if the registration has not been completed, it lies with the owner and/or operator of the vehicle. The person receiving the fine has the right to appeal the offense. You must appeal your ticket online (address is shown on ticket) within ten (10) days of the ticket being issued. Appeals will not be considered after this deadline.

Any person who receives more than five tickets may lose all parking privileges. Those who continually violate Washington College traffic regulations and/or parking guidelines may find their vehicles booted or towed at the owner’s expense, and may be subject to disciplinary action. There is a $50 charge to have a boot removed from a vehicle. Continued violations may result in further disciplinary action.

The College may withhold grades and/or transcripts as a result of the failure to pay fines.

Reckless Driving $100
Parked in Handicapped Zone/Hash Zone $100
Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device $50
Impeding Traffic Flow $50
Parked in Fire Lane $50
Driving / Parking On Lawn $35
Parking in Faculty/Staff, RA, or Visitor Space $30
Parked in No Parking Zone $30
Parked in Reserved Area $30
Unregistered with Washington College $30
Parked on Pedestrian Walkway $30
Other $30
Warning No Fine