Virtual/Augmented Reality Digital Imaging Studio @ Miller Library

VARDIS is a space where the Washington College Community can view, explore, design and create VR &AR experiences and utilize many different digitization processes for use in research, instruction and creative endeavors.

Located on the lower level of Miller Library, VARDIS offers the Washington College community a space to explore virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. From practicing a presentation "on stage" or meditating in some of the world's most beautiful locations in VR to building your own augmented reality app or "holding" 3D models of museum artifacts in your hand using AR-- VARDIS is the place to experiment with these emerging technologies that are becoming increasingly more ubiquitous in liberal arts learning and scholarship. 

Students working with AR & VR in VARDIS

VARDIS is equipped with a variety of technologies from VR headsets, 360 cameras, MERGE cubes, photogrammetry (3D scanning) equipment, object photo studios, document scanners, photo editing and AR/VR creation software and more.  Please stop by to check out all VARDIS has to offer! 

Questions? Contact: Raven Bishop, Assistant Director of Educational Technology [email protected] 



Did you know? The technological homebase of the Digital Scholarship in Museum Partnerships (DSMP) project is VARDIS.  Through this project, students in a variety of courses and programs work in partnership with local museums to develop technology-rich outreach resources which help convey the message of the museum to the world.   Working with the museum affords students the opportunity to apply concepts and best practices learned in the classroom to a project that makes a real impact for the local community. Learn more about the Digital Scholarship in Museum Partnerships project here