Raven Bishop

  • Instructional Technologist

Raven Bishop

Raven Bishop is the Assistant Director of Educational Technology in the Library & Academic Technology Department at Washington College. She works to research, promote and support best-practices where technology and pedagogy come together to promote a student-centered learning experience.   

As a technologist, Bishop works collaboratively with faculty to integrate technology into instruction and to develop technology-enhanced, project-based learning sequences across the curriculum. As part of this work, Bishop explores emerging technologies in education—delving particularly into how Augmented & Virtual Reality can be leveraged in instruction.  She leads the Virtual/Augmented Reality Digital Imaging Studio [VARDIS] in Washington College’s Miller Library. 


NBCT, Early Adolescence/Young Adult Visual Arts Education
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

BS, Art Education
Kutztown University

Recent Digital Scholarship Projects

Digital Scholarship in Museum Partnerships

The Digital Scholarship in Community Partnerships (DSMP) project engages Washington College students in authentic learning experiences by embedding technology-enhanced, collaborative museum projects into instruction. ​Students work in partnership with local museums to develop technology-rich resources which help amplify the message of the museum within and beyond our community. Working with the museum lets students apply what's learned in the classroom to a project that makes a real impact for the local community. ​

Augmented Archives

The Augmented Archives Project explored methods for leveraging emerging technologies to increase access to and engagement with primary source materials in Washington College's Archives & Special Collections. Fueled by student research, the Augmented Archives project presented an opportunity for students to curate exhibits of historic artifacts and significant objects through emerging technologies. These exhibits came to life using augmented reality technology to make rare documents, fragile artifacts and curator commentary videos accessible to exhibit visitors. This project resulted in the development PocketMuseum, a working conceptual prototype for an AR museum exhibit app. 

Teaching & Learning

EDU-403: Methods of Teaching Art

Making History: Making Museums (formerly Washington’s Secret History)Orientation Explore! Program

Awards & Honors

2023 Hunter Burley Award
Digital Scholarship in Museum Partnerships Team
Small Museum Association

2020 Joe Holt Distinguished Service Award
Washington College

2018 Innovation Award: Future Steward
National Digital Stewardship Alliance

2018 Impact Award: Education Futurists
Augmented Archives Team
Campus Technology

Selected Publications

Bishop, R. & Counihan, E. (2018). Why “It doesn’t matter how it [your art] looks” Isn’t Good Enough Anymore. Voices from the Middle, 26(1).

Bishop, R. & Counihan, E. (2018). Beyond the Page – New Literacies in the 21st Century. Voices from the Middle, 25(4).

Anderson, E., Bishop, R. & Cross, N.  (2018). Dealing with Data: Instructing with Infographics in an Undergraduate Sociology Course. College Teaching. 67 (1): 36-49.

Anderson, E. & Bishop, R. (2021). Illustrating Information: Developing Students as Consumers & Producers of Media Through the Use of Infographics. Pixel International Conferences: The Future of Education.

Clarke-Vivier, S., Bishop, R. & Markin, J. (2021). Small Tech, Big Impact: Twenty-First Century Educational Collaborations to Preserve and Share Rural Museum Collections. Journal of Museum Education. 46 (1), 127-137. 

Steinmetz, E. & Bishop, R. (2020). Virtual Reality: A Tool to Challenge Stereotypes About Unhoused People. Teaching & Learning Anthropology.

Bishop, R. & Calloway, H. (2018). Augmented & Virtual Reality in Libraries. Chapter 6: Augmented Archives: Engaging students in special collections through augmented reality technology. In J.P. Van Arnhem, C. Elliot & M. Rose (Eds.), Augmented and Virtual Reality in Libraries. Lahnam, MD: Rowman and Littlefield. 93-112.

Bishop, R. (2013). The Highly Visible Middle School Art Program: Five Ways to Rethink Display. Maryland Art Education Association Gazette.

Bishop, R. (2014). Celebrating Our Colleagues: What Makes a Great Art Educator? Maryland Art Education Association Gazette.

Bishop, R. (2015). 3 Art Room Hacks: Making Teaching Art Easier-One Trick at a Time. Maryland Art Education Association Gazette.

Bishop, R. (2013). MAEA Hosts a Professional Development on the Eastern Shore. Maryland Art Education Association Gazette.

Selected Presentations

Intentional and Impactful Design for Virtual/Augmented Reality Exhibits and Programming Using the SAMR Model
Small Museums Association Conference; June 4, 2022
Speakers: Sara Clarke-Vivier, Assistant Professor of Education, Washington College, Chestertown, MD;  Raven Bishop, Instructional Technologist, Washington College; Hannah Flayhart, Museum, Field and Community Education Intern, Washington College

Invited Presentation: Teaching and Learning Across the Arts with Google Arts & Culture
Kent County Public Schools County-Wide Fine Arts Meeting; October 15, 2021

Invited Presentation: Teaching and Learning with Augmented & Virtual Reality
Kent County Public Schools Elementary Fine Arts Meeting; February 12, 2021

Invited Presentation: Learning in Virtual & Augmented Reality: Intro to Technology, Design, and Collaboration for High-Impact Educational Experiences
Association for Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL); January 28, 2021Speakers: Sara Clarke-Vivier, Assistant Professor of Education, Washington College, Chestertown, MD;  Raven Bishop, NBCT, Instructional Technologist, Washington College

Teaching and Learning with (Virtual) Collections: Strengths and Challenges of Object-Based Instruction in Augmented and Virtual Realities
Mid-Atlantic Association Of Museums (MAAM) Virtual Annual Meeting;
October 14, 2020Speakers: Sara Clarke-Vivier, Assistant Professor of Education, Washington College, Chestertown, MD;  Raven Bishop, NBCT, Instructional Technologist, Washington College

Invited Presentation: Let's Get Virtual
Stories of the Chesapeake Heritage Area; May-June 2020Presenters: Robert Forloney and Raven Bishop

Making Media in Sociology
Eastern Sociological Association 2020 Annual Meeting; February 28, 2020Organizer: Michele Lee Kozimor, Elizabethtown College Speakers: Erin Anderson, Washington College; Raven Bishop, Washington College

Small Is A Strength: Creating High-Tech Museum Experiences in a Small, Rural Museum through Strategic Community Partnerships
Mid-Atlantic Association Of Museums (MAAM) 2019 Annual Meeting;
October 18, 2019Chair: Raven Bishop N.B.C.T., Instructional Technologist,Washington College, Chestertown, MD Speakers: Sara Clarke-Vivier, PhD, Museum Education & Program Assessment Specialist; Assistant Professor of Education,Washington College, Chestertown, MD; Candi Sorge, Lead Curator, Betterton Heritage Museum, Betterton, MD; Carter Miller, Social Studies Teacher, Kent County Middle School, Kent County Public Schools, Chestertown, MD; Heather Calloway, Executive Director of University Collections, Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington, IN

Investigative Curation: Augmented Archives
Panel Discussion: The Art of Access
National Archives 2017 Archives Fair: Performance and Preservation; October 21, 2017Speakers: Heather Calloway, Archivist & Special Collections Librarian, Washington CollegeRaven Bishop, Instructional Technologist, Washington College Sarah Graff, Head Student Archives Assistant, Washington College