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The media turns to our faculty experts to enhance coverage of a wide range of topics, from international security and economic policy to American history and politics. 


  • 02/19/18

    Ben Ford, a Chesapeake Semester project specialist with the College’s Center for Environment & Society, and Kate Livie, an adjunct faculty member with CES, are noted in this story in as the co-founders of Stop the Span, a group of young Kent Countians who are opposing a proposed third Chesapeake Bay bridge into Kent County.

  • 02/20/18 The Washington Post

    Melissa Deckman, Chair and Professor of Political Science, is quoted in a Washington Post story about how four of the five Democratic Maryland gubernatorial candidates have chosen women as their running mates. With women under-represented in the state on a federal level, Deckman says, Democratic men running for governor are acknowledging the need to gather the votes of women in the election.

  • 02/16/18 The Baltimore Sun

    Melissa Deckman, Chair and Professor of Political Science, is quoted in a Baltimore Sun story about Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan and his ability to be an effective politician by successfully co-opting ideas put forth by Democrats, who are frustrated with his tactics.

  • 02/18/18 The Chestertown Spy
    Rachel Durso, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Black Studies at Washington College, and Erica McMaster, Director of the GIS program, are featured in this story about a collaboration between Washington College and the Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence to help the MSCFV better target its mission provide resources to women in crisis and create strategies to reach more victims in the community.

  • 01/24/18 The Chestertown Spy and
    Anne Marteel-Parrish, Professor of Chemistry and Co-Chair of the College’s Department of Chemistry, and her students are highlighted in this story about how they are teaching green chemistry principles to Kent County High School science students. 
  • 12/13/17 The Washington Post

    The Washington Post interviews Melissa Deckman, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, in this story about Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama’s Senate race. Moore and his supporters, mostly evangelical Christians, painted the race as one of good against evil, and Moore as the last-ditch effort to defend Christian America, even though he was accused of sexual misconduct with women and minors. The story was picked up across the country, including in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, and Baltimore Sun.

  • 12/10/17 Der Bund

    Melissa Deckman, Chair and Professor of Political Science, is interviewed in the German newspaper Der Bund about why the sexual harassment allegations against President Donald Trump have not had any consequences, while other powerful men in media and Congress have been forced to resign in the face of similar charges. This story was also picked up on MSN in Germany and several other German media outlets.

  • 12/08/17 Refinery29

    Melissa Deckman, Chair and Professor of Political Science, is interviewed in Refinery29 about why women continue to support Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Senate from Alabama who is accused of child molestation and sexual assault. Deckman says several factors are at work, including a belief among conservative Christian women that these charges are part of a larger cultural war against their values.

  • 12/08/17 World Politics Review

    Christine Wade, Professor of Political Science and International Studies, writes in World Politics Review about the continuing turmoil in Honduras since that country’s contested presidential election remains unresolved.

  • 11/07/17 The Irish Times

    Bill Schindler, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, is interviewed for this story in The Irish Times about his collaboration with University College Dublin, Ireland’s Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture, and the Food Evolutions project. The story discusses his Food, People, and the Planet class at Washington College and how it is related to his study of what he calls “immersive food acquisition.”


  • 10/23/17 the Chestertown Spy

    Heather Harvey, associate professor of art and chair of the Department of Art and Art History, is interviewed in The Chestertown Spy about her collaboration with fellow artist Elizabeth Casqueiro to create The Davis Arts Center in Easton, a permanent space for working artists in a former industrial building.

  • 09/27/17 Washington Ideas

    Bill Schindler, associate professor of anthropology and director of the new Eastern Shore Food Lab, is interviewed about his teaching of primitive technologies by Ross Andersen, senior editor at The Atlantic, at Washington Ideas. Sponsored by The Atlantic, the annual three-day event brings the nation’s leaders in politics, education, science, business, and health for interviews and conversation.

  • 07/17/17: The Chestertown Spy interviewed President Kurt Landgraf last week for well over half an hour. Here’s a six-minute excerpt of that conversation, along with a brief introductory news article.
  • 06/01/17 The New York Times
    College President Sheila Bair is a featured speaker at the New York Times Higher Ed Leaders Forum, and in this interview with moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin.
  • 05/25/17 WUSA Channel 9

    Anthropology Professor Bill Schindler and his students show WUSA-Channel 9 reporter Bruce Leshan why it’s important to understand how primitive technologies can help us tackle the challenges of being human today, especially when it comes to food. In this feature story, Schindler and students take Leshan foraging, show him how to make a stone tool, and start a fire using a bow drill.

  • 03/22/17: The Atlantic Live
    The Atlantic talks with President Sheila Bair and other educational leaders on college affordability, accessibility, and the future of postsecondary education policy.
  • 03/13/17 WMAR ABC News Baltimore
    The War on the Shore, the lacrosse rivalry between Washington College and Salisbury University, is featured in this story.
  • 02/28/17 Countdown to the Closing Bell
    President Bair on the front line with Fox Business Liz Claman on creating debt relief programs for students.
  • 02/17/17 Fox Business News Wall Street Week

    College President Sheila Bair speaks on Fox Business Network Wall Street Week about the issue of student loan debt, advocating that we scrap the concept of debt forgiveness and change the student loans to income share agreements and an equity-based model. She also discusses how Washington College is researching a philanthropy-based pilot program for income share agreements.

  • 02/11/17 WBAL-TV 11 News Weekend Today

    Bill Schindler, chair of the Department of Anthropology and primitive technologies and foodways expert, goes live on WBAL-TV Baltimore’s weekend program to cook up some cricket tacos and cricket-flour protein balls for anchor Jennifer Franciotti. The live program was to promote the February event on campus “Insects on the Menu,” which focused on insects as a sustainable protein source for the human diet.


  • 01/20/18 Citizens’ Climate Lobby
    Grant Samms, Project Coordinator for the Center for Environment & Society’s ShorePower Project, is interviewed by Peterson Toscano on the Citizens’ Climate Lobby podcast about how it’s essential that climate adcocates understand how “sense of place” plays a big role in a community’s response to new ideas and alternative energy sources like wind power.
  • 12/15/17 “With Relish”

    Bill Schindler, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, is interviewed on the Irish podcast “With Relish” about his work at University College Dublin and returning to the real roots of food. He talks about the Eastern Shore Food Lab and how the Food Evolutions project is helping inform that. Schindler’s portion of the interview begins at 24:05.

  • 01/04/18 Two Weeks Notice: A Latin American Politics Blog

    Christine Wade, Professor of Political Science and International Studies and author of Captured Peace: Elites and Peacebuilding in El Salvador, is interviewed on Two Weeks Notice: A Latin American Politics blog, about the situation in Honduras after the controversial 2017 presidential election.

  • 12/15/17 WWL Radio New Orleans

    WWL Radio host Tommy Tucker in New Orleans interviews Melissa Deckman, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, about the #MeToo movement and its political effects. Deckman says that although the #MeToo movement represents a powerful cultural change, she does not believe the Republican-controlled Congress will do anything to pursue an investigation into allegations from women against Donald Trump that he sexually assaulted or molested them before he became president.

  • 12/11/17 The BBC World News Service

    Christine Wade, Professor of Political Science and International Studies, is interviewed on the BBC World Service NewsHour about the continuing turmoil in Honduras since the the presidential election remains in dispute. She says although international election monitors are on site in Honduras, there are demands to nullify the election or do a total vote recount due to polling irregularities. The segment runs from 14:00 to 18:05.

  • 12/01/17 WYPR’s “Midday” with Tom Hall
    Katie Charles, Assistant Professor of 18th- and 19th-Century Literature, is interviewed by Tom Hall on WYPR’s Midday Program about how Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol and how his primary intention with the story was to draw attention to the plight of the poor. The interview, along with Kay MacIntosh, Economic Development & Marketing Coordinating for Chestertown, coincided with the new “Dickens of a Christmas” celebration in Chestertown.
  • 11/28/17 Harvard Program on US-Japan Relations

    Andrew Oros, Professor of Political Science and International Studies and author of Japan’s Security Renaissance, joins Japan political expert Tobias Harris, Vice President of Teneo Intelligence, at the Harvard Program on US-Japan Relations to discuss Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s past five years.

  • 11/27/17 The BBC World News Service NewsHour

    Christine Wade, Professor of Political Science and International Studies and an expert on Latin American politics, is interviewed on the BBC World Service NewsHour about the election results in Honduras. Wade says that the apparent win by Salvador Nasralla, who appeared to be gathering enough votes to oust strongman President Juan Orlando Hernández, was a rejection not only of Hernández but the corruption and impunity that is endemic in the Honduran political system. Wade’s interview begins at 9:40 in the broadcast and ends at 12:50.

  • 11/06/17 Preservation Maryland PreserveCast

    Bill Schindler, director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab at Washington College and associate professor of anthropology, is interviewed by Nick Redding of Preservation Maryland in this PreserveCast podcast on “Primitive Technology and Food of the Future.” Redding points out that historic preservationists often think about history only through the lens of buildings or historic sites, whereas Schindler comes at it from a whole different angle.

  • 10/27/17 National Public Radio Academic Minute

    Aaron Krochmal, associate professor of biology, is featured on National Public Radio’s Academic Minute. Krochmal discusses his ongoing work studying Eastern painted turtles and how they learn migration paths.