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Faculty and Staff Event Planning and Reservations

What's new for 2021?

  • Our reservation form has been updated to reflect both virtual events as well as the possibilty for in-person events after February 15.  Refer to the WC Event Policy updated for Spring 2021 to find out more about guidelines for in-person meetings and events.
  • All in-person events and meetings MUST be approved by the Events Working Group of the CPG. If you have questions about this policy, please e-mail Gina Ralston.
  • Our form has been updated to reflect the changes for the Spring 2021 semester.
  • ALL Student Organizations will now use CampusGroups to schedule events and request space. Please see the Student Room Reservation and Planning Guide for information for students or if you are a club advisor. If you have questions about CampusGroups, please contact Carol Landis.

Scheduling Information

All dates for events should be reserved or discussed with the Campus Events Office before a speaker or guest is confirmed. 

Please be sure register ALL events or in-person meetings (including those outdoors) with the Campus Events Office.  For in-person meetings or events, all requests will be submitted to the Events Working Group of the CPG for approval. 

Faculty Staff Event and Room Reservation Frm


Using the form will help us collect almost everything we need to know about your event or meeting. Once you fill it out, we’ll be in touch within a few business days to confirm and let you know if there's a conflict or there is a question about your event!

The Campus Events calendar in outlook is viewalble as a public calendar. You may find this useful when making your plans.

Scheduling Classrooms

For Spring 2021, use of classroom space for academic purposes is under the discretion of the Office of the Provost. All requests use of classroom space for use of technology to teach remotely and access to buildings for professional reasons should be reserved through that office. All other requests for any space should be submitted using the above form.

Scheduling Other Spaces

At this time, all requests for physical space indoor and outdoor should be requested through the form above.
Spaces for public events, lectures, or performances, and for the use of all public meeting halls and lobbies as well as conference rooms in academic buildings is maintained by Campus Events.
All requests for use of performance spaces (and accompanying lobbies) in the Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts should be directed to the Office of Campus Events.

Accessing College Calendars

A master calendar of College events is maintained by Campus Events. The schedule is accessible via outlook when you are logged in to your WC e-mail account. Use the "add calendar" feature and search for [email protected] in the directory. In addition, all reservable spaces have a similar outlook calendar which can be viewed. Please contact the Campus Events Office with assistance in accessing thess resources. 

Website Calendar, Community Calendars and other communication needs

The Campus Events Office also maintains the College’s website main calendar. Please use this form to submit an event for the calendar. Frequent users may contact Carol Landis to obtain a log in.

For events open to the public, we can also assist by adding them the local town and county calendars.

If you are looking for the information about communication needs, including press releases about events, you can use this form to reach the President's Office staff who can assist you.