2019 - 2020 Recap

This year has been a successful on for the Student Events Board! We had 21 events in the fall and 15 planned for the spring. Unfortunately we weren't able to carry out some events, but despite setbacks we are all excited to carry them into next year's ideas! 
With an average attendance of 120 students, SEB was able to create a sense of family throughout the student body, and watch friendships form before out eyes. Every event felt like a wild success, and with 23 members, we were able to gain a wide range of ideas and perspectives. 
Throughout these events, SEB was able to do multiple giveaways such as t-shirts, pop-sockets, magnets, and cups! During some of our events, including multiple different themed bingos, we gave away prize baskets, a razor scooter, and even a TV!
Our Shoremal this year was a great success with the change in location to Martha Washington Square, the center of student life was also at the center of campus. The beautiful weather and lights made the night feel truly special!
Birthday Ball held a "Roaring 20s" theme this year, complete with Gatsby-esque decorations and even a car for students to take pictures by. SEB members worked for weeks to hand make many of the decorations like picture backdrops, centerpieces, and party favors for the guests. Thanks to the hard work and planning of Jocelyn, Brooke, and the entire SEB team, Birthday Ball this year was a smashing success. 
Although our time was cut short this year, the team has used this time to plan virtual events, and create back up plans for future events. We are working hard to ensure the events of Fall 2020 will be everything the students have hoped for, and deserve once they return to campus. We have all remained positive and dedicated through the entire situation, and we all agree we couldn't be more proud to be a part of the SEB, and Washington College family. 
Going into the fall, SEB is proud to have 18 hardworking and dedicated members. Our new President, Brooke Brown, is very passionate in making SEB's events the best they can be, and a place where students can have fun and get a break from the world for a short time. Going into this fall will be more important than ever to foster a sense of community and provide some much needed interaction and sense of peace for the students! We are incredibly excited to see all the faces of new and returning students in fall 2020, and hope you are too!