Mantra Health

Washington College partners with Mantra Health to offer students free virtual mental health services. Access self-care courses, wellness coaching, therapy, and on-demand support through the Care Hub. Sign up with your email today.

Free virtual mental health and wellness services for students 

Through our partnership with digital mental health provider Mantra Health, Washington College students have 24/7 access to no-cost wellness services and diverse, high-quality mental health support via the Care Hub, an all-in-one platform that includes the following: 

These short, self-guided wellness courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Learn to reduce your stress, regulate your emotions, build healthier relationships, and get through difficult situations. 

This short-term, goal-oriented intervention is best for Washington College students wanting self-management strategies. You’ll get matched with a dedicated and experienced coach who will teach you key skills and work with you through 8-12 weeks of sessions.

Enjoy up to six free one-on-one sessions with a dedicated, highly trained, culturally-informed provider who understands your unique experience and can help you assess and manage your mental health concerns. 

In-the-moment support and problem-solving with a mental health professional. This service is available between 12 pm - 12 am ET for students in distress or experiencing immediate mental health challenges.


Ready to get your care journey started? 

Visit the Care Hub or download the app on Apple or Android. Use your email address to set up an account. It’s free, easy, and includes care navigation support.
If you have questions about the services or need help accessing your account, contact Mantra Health at [email protected] or call 800-464-2083.