Sophie's Kitchen

    Inspired by beloved literary legend Sophie Kerr, who authored a cookbook steeped in Eastern Shore recipes, the Alumni House is a hotbed of campus culinary activity. It offers an accessible space for students, faculty, and staff to cultivate hands-on skills and food expertise as part of the Food Initiative.

    With gardeners, recipe testers, a food writer, and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner as part of the Alumni House team, since 2017 Sophie's Kitchen has hosted trainings and events to help establish new college traditions relating to sustainable foodways and optimal health.

    Artisanal Baking Workshops

    Fermentation Workshops during Orientation

    Medicinal Herbs Workshop

    Fall 2021 Workshops

    Forthcoming Classes

    Stay tuned for announcements about these trainings: 

    • Kombucha 
    • Gluten-free pretzels
    • Greek yogurt 
    • Potato ferments
    • Sauerkraut