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    Nov. 19
    Eugene Hamilton
    "The Butterfly Effect" 
    Learn the mathematical reasoning behind the theory of cause and effect. Eugene Hamilton promises to keep the math at a level where even non-math majors can understand and enjoy! 

    Oct. 29
    Richard Striner
    "'Summoned to Glory: The Audacious Life of Abraham Lincoln,' a Book Discussion"
    Richard Striner’s book on President Lincoln has been called “a stunningly original perspective that will shed significant new light on one of the most studied figures in American history.” 

    Sept. 24
    Martin Kabat '62
    "Leadership, From Homer to Trump"
    This lively discussion is led by the former director of the humanities program and finance officer at Washington College.

    Aug. 27
    Richard Gillin
    This colorful discussion with the beloved retired professor of English examines comparative literature that sheds light on our current challenging times. 

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