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Resident Members

After college, OΔK continues to deliver, with an international network for alumni who are leaders in every industry, leadership training specifically for people at all points in their career, a national convention and drive-in meetings that allow you to steer the direction of the organization, and a magazine and other publications that inspire.

Resident Faculty, Staff, and Friends

  •     Louise Amick
  •     Kate Bennett
  •     Clayton Black
  •     Garry Clarke
  •     Annie Coleman
  •     John Conkling
  •     Martin Connaughton
  •     Frank Creegan
  •     Tom Finnegan
  •     Richard Gillin
  •     Michael Harvey
  •     Joseph Holt
  •     Rebecca Jayne
  •     Ryan Kelty
  •     Michael Kerchner
  •     James Lipchock
  •     Lauren Littlefield
  •     Todd Lineburger
  •     Katherine Maynard
  •     Ed Maxcy
  •     Donald McColl
  •     Donald Munson
  •     Edward P. Nordberg
  •     Joseph Prud’homme
  •     Mitchell Reiss
  •     Mindy Reynolds
  •     Terry Scout
  •     Janet Sorrentino
  •     Jeanette Sherbondy
  •     George Spilich
  •     Kate Verville
  •     Dave Wharton