Gilman Scholarship

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship program offers study abroad scholarships to U.S. undergraduate students who are currently receiving a Pell Grant as part of their tuition package. This federally-sponsored scholarship provides up to $5,000* for a semester or academic year and is available only to U.S. citizens and nationals. Scholarships are available for fall, spring and summer terms.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • A citizen or national of the U.S.;
  • An undergraduate student in good standing at an accredited institution of higher education in the U.S. (including  both two-year and four-year institutions);
  • A Federal Pell Grant recipient during the time of application or during the term of the study abroad program or internship;
  • Applying to or have been accepted into a study abroad or internship program for which you will receive academic credit;
  • Applying for credit-bearing study abroad programs in a country or area with an overall Travel Advisory Level 1 or 2, according to the U.S. Department of State's Travel Advisory System, or is on the list of approved Travel Advisory Level 3 countries/areas. However, certain locations within these countries or areas may be designated within the Travel Advisory as either "Do not travel to" (Level 4) or "Reconsider travel to" (Level 3) locations, as such; students will not be allowed to travel to these specific locations.

Note: Gilman Scholarship recipients can only receive the scholarship once. If a student previously declined the Gilman Scholarship, they are welcome to re-apply, as long as they still meet all eligibility requirements as listed above.

Students can study and intern abroad during the spring, summer, fall, january or academic year term. Refer to each term for specific dates on the deadlines and timelines for the application cycle. It is important that students apply for the correct scholarship term according to their program dates in order to be considered for the Gilman Scholarship.

Deadlines & Timeline

To prepare a successful application to the Gilman Scholarship, follow these steps:

  • Attend an Info Session and/or review the content online (see Application Guides below).
  • Complete the online application, which includes three essays and uploading your unofficial/official transcript(s).

Study Abroad Advisors will be asked to verify that you have applied to a credit-eligible study abroad program and confirm your study abroad program information. The Financial Aid Advisor will be asked to verify whether you are currently receiving a Federal Pell Grant and the estimated amount of financial aid, excluding loans, you can apply to your program.

List your advisor as: Dr. Carrie Reiling