University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Articulation & Course Schedules

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Articulation & Course Schedules

Welcome to the pharmacy 3:4 articulation program, where you may enjoy all the benefits of a liberal arts experience while fulfilling the prerequisites for entrance into University of Maryland’s pharmacy school. For students with a strong interest in a liberal arts education and a career in pharmacy, Washington College and the University of Maryland offer the 3:4 Pharmacy Program. Through this program, students may earn a bachelor of science degree from Washington College and a doctor of pharmacy degree (Pharm. D.) from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP). A Pharm. D. is the current standard for today’s pharmacists. This dual degree program requires a minimum of seven years of study: The first three years are spent at Washington College, completing the Washington College general education requirements and the prerequisites for entrance into the UMSOP. After the third year at Washington College, four years of additional study are required at the School of Pharmacy.

Consideration of the prerequisite courses for entrance into the UMSOP leads to the recommendation that students major in biology. Students in this program will receive their B.S. degree from Washington College after successful completion of the first year of courses in the Pharm. D. program. To be eligible for graduation from Washington College, grades from the UMSOP must be submitted to the Washington College registrar by the appropriate deadline. 

Prerequisites to enter the School of Pharmacy:

  • Biology (w/lab) 5 semesters: BIO 111, 112, 203, 301, 424
  • Chemistry (w/lab) 4 semesters: CHE 120, 140, 220, 240
  • Physics (w/lab) 1 semester: PHY 101 or 111
  • Mathematics 2 semesters: MAT 109, 111
  • ENG 101/200+ English Composition 1 semester
  • ECN 112. Microeconomics
  • Other humanities and social sciences 4-6 semesters

Additional requirements for completion of the BS at Washington College and required of all students:

  • Completion of 96 credit hours before leaving Washington College.
  • Completion of all distribution courses before leaving Washington College
  • Completion of the required FYS seminar course.