Physical Therapy Career Resources

Physical Therapy Career Resources

Physical therapists work with patients of all ages to diagnose and treat movement dysfunction and mobility concerns stemming from aging, trauma, congenital disabilities, surgical intervention and athletic injury. Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) evaluate and diagnose patients and develop and implement diverse treatment plans. Doctor of Physical Therapy programs are three years in length, with additional specialty training available in board certified fields such as sports medicine, cardiovascular and pulmonary health, geriatrics, women’s health, or orthopedics after student graduate with their DPT degree.

Application prerequisites vary. Potential applicants can examine the admissions website for each program and can view a program’s accreditation status through the American Physical Therapy Association:

APTA Accredited Schools

Because program prerequisites are highly variable, it is critical to work with Dr. Aaron Krochmal closely to ensure completion of the required courses.

worksheet of suggested courses has been developed as a starting guide, but beware that program prerequisite variability means that some programs may have alternate requirements.

Links to two programs in the Maryland region are provided as examples below.  

Doctor of Physical Therapy at University of Delaware

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science at University of Maryland

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