Micro-credential in Intermediate Language Skills

The Micro-credential in Intermediate Language Skills can be pursued in one or more of the following languages: Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. This micro-credential is designed to teach students linguistic skills—speaking, reading, listening, and writing—through an intermediate-level proficiency.  

Students completing this micro-credential will be able to: 

  • Identify the topic and related information in short informational and fictional texts. 
  • Identify the main idea in short conversations. 
  • Ask appropriate follow-up questions during interactions. 
  • Discuss familiar topics and ask appropriate follow-up questions. 
  • Present personal information. 
  • Express preferences and explain feelings about familiar topics. 


1. Four introductory and intermediate language courses in the same language: 


Students whose WEBCAPE placement scores place them into 102-level can receive credit for the 101-level requirement of this micro-credential. They will thus complete the micro-credential with 102, 201, and 202.  

2. One oral presentation and interview proctored by a member of the appropriate language division (This may be part of the requirements for the 202-level course.) 

Students may use courses taken for this micro-credential to fulfill the language requirement or the requirements for an International Studies or Business major.  

Students may not receive both this micro-credential and a minor or major in the same language.  

Students whose WEBCAPE placement scores place them into 201-level or higher are not eligible for this micro-credential. They should consider pursuing a major, a minor, or another language-related micro-credentials.