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Academic Requirements

The Gender Studies minor offers students the opportunity to concentrate on the ways gender is analyzed in a variety of fields in the liberal arts. To complete this interdisciplinary minor, students will take six courses. 


All students taking the Gender Studies minor must complete one of the following two courses:
  1. GEN 213/SOC 213. Sociology of Gender
  2. GEN 215/ANT 215. Sex, Gender, and Culture

Five more courses may be taken as electives from regular or special topics offerings in a number of departments: Art, Theatre, English, Modern Languages, History, Philosophy and Religion, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. Other courses may be applied to the Gender Studies minor after consultation with the instructor and the program director.

Students planning to complete the Gender Studies minor should consult with the program director on their course selection. Students whose senior capstone experience focuses on the issue of gender may also apply that credit toward the minor.


Courses regularly offered that apply toward the Gender Studies minor include:

  • ANT 394-11 SpTp: Inside-Out: Race, Gender, and Citizenship
  • HIS 494 Special Topics: Sex and Murder in Revolutionary America
  • ENG 303 Women Writers to 1800
  • ENG 332 Modern and Contemporary British Literature
  • PSY 394 Special Topic: Multicultural Competence with Lab
  • SOC 212 Sociology of the Family
  • SOC 462 Sociology of the Body
  • THE 394.10 Special Topics: Advanced Acting: Women Playwrights


  • ENG 323 The Nineteenth-century novel
  • ENG 331 Modernism and Its Discontents
  • ENG 370 The Harlem Renaissance
  • POL 321 Women and Politics
  • POL 341 Politics of Development
  • POL 373 Human Rights and Social Justice
  • POL 351 Politics, Religion, and Ethnicity in South Asia
  • SOC 213.10 Sociology of Gender