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  • Social Sciences

Deconstructing Gender

Gender roles, biological differences, sexuality and reproduction, media images, gender and government, law and the economy are just some of the topics explored as part of the interdisciplinary Gender Studies minor.

Created in response to overwhelming student demand, the minor, with more than 30 faculty members, now offers 12-15 courses a semester, cross-listed with other departments. In addition to Gender or Sex, Gender, and Culture, students may take courses on women in politics, history and the economy, on female artists and writers, and on the subject of gender as a social construction.

Regardless of your particular interests, the Gender Studies minor will give you a firm grasp on the concept of gender and will enrich your study of anthropology, sociology, history, art, literature, political science, and more.


shara lessley

The Rose O’Neill Literary House has named the winner of the 2014 Mary Wood Fellowship, poet Shara Lessley.