Senior Capstone Experience



2021-2022 Theses 

Noah Smith ‘22 “Recollection” (Advisor: Heather Harvey)

Elizabeth Tilley ‘22 “And the Wisdom to know the Difference” (Advisor: Heather Harvey)

Chloe Mello ‘22 “Towards a More Thorough Examination of the Self” (Advisor: Heather Harvey)

Liane Beckley ‘21 “Self Portraits as Various Relatives” (Advisor: Heather Harvey)

Margaret Pietrucha ‘21 “Travis Picking: A recital for guitar and voice” (Advisor: Julie Wills) 

MacKenzie Brady ‘21 “The Shape of Me: Inherited Expressions (Advisor: Kim Andrews and Heather Harvey)

Harrison Ernst ‘21 “What Else Do I Have to Give?” (Advisor: Julie Wills)


2020 Theses

Catherine Wolhar ‘20 “Unmovable Forces” (Advisor: Heather Harvey)

Drake Harrison '20 “Generating Art Images with Machine Learning” (Advisor: Heather Harvey)

Hannah Powell ‘20 “Lost in Thought” (Advisor: Hezather Harvey) 


2019 & Older Theses

Chenlin Wang ‘19 “Harmony” (Advisor: Heather Harvey and Julie Wills)

Breea Wallace-Holland  ‘19 "Personality Biopsy" (Advisor: Heather Harvey and Julie Wills)

Rachel Frebert ‘19 “Weight of Emotion” (Advisor: Heather Harvey and Julie Wills)

Julie Lazer ‘18  "Stacked" (Advisor: Heather Harvey)

Austin Maddux ‘18 “Mind by Night” (Advisor: Heather Harvey)

Andrew Poe ‘18  “Performance 1 (ice bucket)" (Advisor: Julie Wills)

Anna Watts ‘18 “Epicene” (Advisor: Julie Wills

Caitlin Martinez ‘17 “In My Room (Pretending in Retrograde)” (Advisor: Julie Wills)

Marica Lesnik ‘17  “Loving Memory” (Advisor: Julie Wills)

Meghan Dullin ‘17 “A Fosterer’s Moil” (Advisor: Heather Harvey)