Chicken Council

    Ten years after its founding, the Campus Garden welcomed its first flock of chickens. The flock gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience working with microlivestock in a regenerative setting. 

    True citizens of a permaculture forest garden, chickens serve multiple functions:

    • Produce fertilizer
    • Eat garden and apiary pests
    • Speed up composting progress
    • Provide companionship and entertainment​
    • Eggs are just a bonus!

    Meet the Chickens



    • Queen of the coop.
    • Eats everything and everything is hers. 
    • Often is putting other chickens in their place.


    • Second in command to Hilde. 
    • Acts as coop security guard and occasional bodyguard to Hilde.  
    • Most adventurous chicken.
    • Knows everything​.
    • Everything.
    Jungle Boogie

    Jungle Boogie

    Jungle Boogie

    • Skittish as heck. Jumps at any sign of danger.
    • Dinosaur runs in her veins.
    • Bottom of pecking order so she bullies Winnie instead. 
    • Super funky.


    • Recent addition to the flock.
    • Intrepid explorer of giant pumpkins. ​
    • Likes to snuggle on the roost.



    Contact Jo Perkins for more information about the Chicken Council.First campus garden egg

    Get Involved!

    • Volunteer in morning to feed and let chickens out
    • Evening lock up, making sure all our feathered friends are safe in their coop
    • Throughout the day check-ins (looser, not necessarily scheduled)
    • Friday deep clean-ups (likely during normal garden workdays)


    In the spirit of the permaculture ethic of Fair Share (redestribution of surplus),  the 5-8 eggs we get each week are used for garden events and Food Initiative programs.

    Chicken Care

    • Food/water
    • Provided and foraged
    • Grit
    • Clean space
    • Deep litter
    • Protection
    • Eventual guard geese
    • Lighting
    • Fencing