tegan standing outside the library by a tree in a black and white sweater
tegan standing outside the library by a tree in a black and white sweater

Trying it All

Tegan  McBride

Class of 2022• Waterbury, Connecticut
Coming in her freshman year, Tegan was unsure of her major, but knew she was committed to the women’s rowing team, going into her sixth year with the sport. Now halfway through her sophomore year she has quite a different set of priorities.


Tegan swapped her oars for a computer, becoming an Anthropology and Computer Science double major– realizing she’s ready to focus on her career. 

“I’m still testing the waters, so I’m applying to a bunch of different internships to see where I want to go. Google, national security, maybe game design.”

“Definitely try everything. I didn’t know what anthropology was when started at WC; I took it for distribution and now I love it,” Tegan advises those unsure of their major.

While anthropology was a happy surprise for Teagan, she always had a knack for computer science; she previously volunteered with Random Acts of Kindness Junior, a program that teaches young girls how to code. After her first computer science course CSI 202 (her AP credits allowed her to skip 201) she knew it was what she wanted to major in. 

“I loved everything about it. I love challenging myself and I was like, I can definitely see myself doing this.” 

Now Tegan is a peer tutor in all three computer science courses, while taking computer science III herself, an opportunity awarded to very few students. Tegan says one of the best things about the Computer Science department is the faculty support she receives. 

“I love the professors. Austin Lobo is my advisor and Shaun Ramsey is also incredible. In my game design class right now everyone loves Ramsey so much that when he walks in we all stand up and clap. It just shows how amazing he is. Both of them believe in me so much. They’re great people.”

Tegan is applying to study abroad next fall in Morocco at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI), where she’ll continue to focus on computer science. 

“My professors say that everyone who comes back from AUI excels in every single class in the computer science program, so hopefully that will help my studies.”  

What will Tegan will try next? 

“Next semester I might take ballet,” she says. “I’ve never taken ballet but I was like, why not, if I have the time and I have the resources?”

Tegan's Four Year Plan

Year 1

Favorite Class FYS 101-21 Food, People, and the Planet

“Prof. Bill Schindler killed a deer and brought it in and was like ‘Alright, let’s skin it!’” The class prepared and served a sustainably-sourced dinner for members of the Board of Visitors and Governors.

Year 2

Learn By DoingPeer Tutor

“Computer Science III is almost the same exact course as my AP course. I know pretty much everything in there, so that’s why I'm helping tutor it too. I get the projects done very quickly so I can help other people during drop in hours.”

Year 3

Looking Forward ToStudying Abroad

Tegan hopes to study abroad in Morocco. Her professors say that all the students who study under the AUI program come back to WC and excel in their course work.

Year 4

Looking Forward ToSenior Capstone Experience

 As a sophomore her SCE is a long way away but Tegan is thinking ahead. She hopes to combine anthropology and computer science by working on an Artificial Intelligence project, or create a video game that explores the evolution of man.