Avery, smiling and wearing a white dress standing in front of a glass and wrought-iron door.
Avery, smiling and wearing a white dress standing in front of a glass and wrought-iron door.

Perfectly Balanced

Avery  Thomas

Class of 2025 • Malvern, Pennsylvania
When Avery Thomas ‘25 began her college search she knew exactly what she was looking for – a school with a strong sense of community, ample academic opportunities, and a place where she could pursue her love of basketball. When she first stepped foot at Washington College, Avery knew she was home.


A Business Management major and Finance minor, Avery found her major during her college search, knowing she didn’t want to be limited to one path. This led her to WC’s far-reaching business and finance programs, which help students explore the multitude of career paths possible with a business management major. 

Avery credits the Washington College faculty and staff for always helping students succeed; from being available during office hours to fostering interactive environments for learning, Avery enjoys being able to form strong relationships with professors on her collegiate journey. 

Outside of academics, Avery is a member of the Washington College Women’s Basketball team. Playing both guard and forward positions, Avery’s love for the sport and her team shines through.

 “I love being a part of something bigger than myself and working towards a common goal with others is always so rewarding. I view my teammates and coaches as family members, [we] overcome adversity and take every opportunity to become better players.”

This past year the team played hard and made it to the Centennial Conference playoffs with hopes of making it to the NCAA Division III tournament next season. The team's hard work has only brought them closer together, and Avery appreciates how her team motivates her to work hard, both on the court and her everyday life. 

“I am inspired by [my teammates] ambition and hard work in everything they do. My teammates encourage me to be the best version of myself possible and have always created a fun atmosphere no matter where we are.”

Balancing busy athletic and academic schedules isn’t always easy, but Avery makes the most of it, citing her passion for basketball and her academic life as having helped her grow in different ways; both as a student and a competitor. 

“I am most passionate about achieving my goals as a college athlete while staying academically driven and curious. I believe that being a part of athletics at this level helps me stay balanced in everything else I do here at college.”

Avery, passing a basketball while playing on the WC Women's Basketball Team